Game Enough at Last: What Happens When Digital Distribution Gets Too Convenient?

Dave Prince:

It finally happened. I found a way to buy games faster than they can make them.

If PC gaming has an Apple, it would be Valve Software, developer of the Half-Life and Team Fortress series and creator of the Steam digital distribution platform. In an industry in which various forms of villainy are the norm, Valve is an anomaly: well-liked by consumers, developers, and publishers smart enough to avail themselves of Valve’s services instead of letting their jealousy drive them to compete (never successfully) against Valve’s products.

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Farsendor12324d ago

sometimes when looking at my game library it just overwhelms me.

always thinking of what to play next or which game should i finish its maddening

stuntman_mike2324d ago

i know i bought 30 games in the summer sale and must of spent about £40 in total the cost of one PS3/360 game.


ATi_Elite2324d ago

You end up buying Square Enix ENTIRE PC catalog!

Most of those games I will NEVER PLAY but man oh man it was just SO CHEAP, I had to BUY!!

stuntman_mike2322d ago

well i have completed 8 of them so far, and plan to go through the rest.

RankFTW2324d ago

So many games and not enough time!