This is Why New Little King's Story Isn't on Wii

Mike Mason:

Little King's Story remains a firm Wii favourite here at Nintendo Life. After all, how could you not love a game about a tiny king that deals with unemployment by day and bashes in gigantic mushrooms by night?

It made us royal blue, then, that a sequel never came to Nintendo's system; in fact, follow up New Little King's Story chose to reign on PlayStation Vita instead. Speaking to Game Informer, New Little King's Story assistant producer Takanori Murayama explained why the latest game in the series skipped Wii.

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Xof2323d ago

It's called "loljapan." For similar examples, see FF7 spin-off games landing on mobile phones, a sequel to the PS2 Final Fantasy 12 landing on the Nintendo DS, a rhythym game for Final Fantasy landing on the 3DS despite the fact that the DS can only play -two- final fantasy games despite the fact that the PS3/PSP/Vita can play virtually -every- Final Fantasy game. Or Dragon Quest flip-flopping almost daily between Sony and Nintendo consoles.

And, for full measure, see Valkyria Chronicles. A hit PS3 game whose sequel landed on the PSP, which became a hit PSP game which became a hit PSP franchise, whose latest sequel is due out for... that's right, mobile phones!


Can you imagine of Morrowind were a Wii exclusive, Oblivion were a 360 exclusive, and Skyrim were a PS3 exclusive?


MattS2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

I didn't realise that the almighty "Xof" understands business, branding and market alignment better than a company with tens of thousands of employees. But clearly he does since he feels like he's in a position to be critical of Square Enix's business strategy.

Got to love the armchair expert.

And by "love" I mean :eyeroll:

Xof2323d ago

Nice straw man there, pal.


And you're actually trying to portray Square Enix as a company that knows what it's doing? What it god's name are you smoking?

MattS2323d ago

Square Enix has an increase in revenue and profit in the past financial year. Therefore I am certain they understand business better than you.

forevercloud30002323d ago

I have to agree as much as I hate it. Japan is a bit fanatical when it comes to picking a proper console for their games. It seems many Japanese companies take the fact that one console obviously holds more fanbase for them very lightly.

I understand if a game has low sales to go multiplatform, what I don't understand is why you would put it exclusive to a foreign fanbase? With no real advancement that would make it required to be so? Case in Point....
-Star Ocean 4 on 360
-Tales of Vesperia on 360
-FF Type 0 on PSP(originally on Phone)
-Dragon Quest on DS(in this case it worked out for them)

Qrphe2323d ago

Any specific date when this is coming out? I know they said by the end of summer but I just hope those rumours about localization were true.

MySwordIsHeavenly2323d ago

I can't wait to pick this up! I'm hoping more developers move over to the Vita. :) It's such an amazing platform!

Puddlejumper752323d ago

I wanted to get this game on Wii but sadly they didnt make enough copies of the game. I would have had to drive for 3 hours to get a new copy when it was released. Think about that for a minute. Imagine having to go 3 hours away for the latest Gears or Uncharted release. If consumers cannot find the product they cannot buy the product.