Best PS Vita games to revive system

Are you still playing your PS Vita regularly, or is it now starting to gather dust after you grew tired of waiting for some new games to release? If it’s the latter, you probably have one game in mind that is going to make you start playing again.

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jujubee881995d ago

Everyone should play and enjoy "DJMAX Technika Tune".


PoSTedUP1995d ago

haha i kno rite. they snuck that one in there between two huge games like no one would notice... bahahaha

rCrysis1995d ago

I love DJMAX! Also loving how it actually plays like the arcades...due to the touchscreen haha. Can't wait for a NA release =D

Ben_Grimm1995d ago

Revive? So is it officially dead?

MaxXAttaxX1995d ago

Unless the article went into detail as to why it is "officially" dead, then it is just a title.

chadwarden1995d ago

an exclusive full blown monster hunter

HammadTheBeast1995d ago

Soul Sacrifice may fill that gap.So

MasterCornholio1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

That would only be in Japan, the west doesn't give a crap about monster hunter games.

The Vita doesn't need just one popular franchise it needs several.

It needs games like...

1. Grand Theft Auto
2. Final Fantasy
3. Monster Hunter
4. Kingdom Hearts
5. Resident Evil.

And many other popular franchises in order to be extremely successful. But even though it could end up with the best game library it will never outsell the 3DS because Nintendo has nabbed the younger demographic. Just accept that there are a lot more people playing handhelds who are under the age of 10 than adults.


P.S im not saying that the 3DS is for little children but Nintendo is famous for producing games for people of all ages especially the little ones.

tubers1995d ago

I would sure love SE games on the VITA.

They've done a decent job with the PSP:

The 3rd Birthday

Can't wait for some SE love on the VITA.

ToZanarkand861995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

Final Fantasy X HD... I neeed it!
The reason i purchased a Vita... Also if Jet Set Radio is getting a Vita release, that could mean the recently announced Sonic Adventure 2 HD could be on Vita also. So, they put Dreamcast games on Vita. And just imagine Shenmue 1 n 2 on it! Thatd just blow my mind!

I mean, handheld Dreamcast. Handheld facking Dreamcast games.
What more could a man want?!

VitaOwner1995d ago

Final Fantasy X HD was a huge reason I bought a Vita as well. I hope square announces something soon about the current progress on the game and a more specific launch window.

Wintersun6161995d ago

Is it just me or does the silence on FFX HD feel slightly odd? Other HD releases were announced and released somewhat in the same timeframe as FFX HD has been announced and then full radio silence.

Another game EVERYONE wants from SE, but they fail to deliver, or an actual remake?

xflo3601995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )

loved my dreamcast- i want san francisco rush and hopefully nights hd will come to vita!
oh almost forgot skies of arcadia vita!

GuruStarr781995d ago

Ragnarok will probably get me playing again....

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The story is too old to be commented.