The 50 Most Forgotten Platforming Heroes In Video Games


Mario. Sonic. Crash Bandicoot. Ratchet & Clank. We’re sure it didn’t take you long to apply some visual ID to those names. Now let’s try another test. Tomba. Bug. Ristar. Master Higgins. Drawing a blank right now? We’re not surprised. The characters we just mentioned are a little less popular than their platforming counterparts. We’ve elected to give them their just due with this gallery of gaming’s less revered platforming heroes.

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Relientk772239d ago

Ristar and Vectorman

Fantastic games

Would love to see more from Abe and Spike

for Ape Escape and Oddworld

Yi-Long2239d ago

... Superfrog, and Turrican!

I_am_Batman2238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

Yeah really great games. I remember getting Ristar on my 6th birthday. I still play it from time to time.

Sparkster games were great too.

prototypeknuckles2239d ago

add kya, spyro, and crash then the list is complete.

prototypeknuckles2239d ago

WE all do, i cant stand that mutant goblin thing activision turned him into

WeskerChildReborned2239d ago

@prototypeknuckles, i wonder when Spyro will make a comeback.

Relientk772239d ago

Spyro was the first PS1 game I ever played. It's amazing and I have very fond memories of it

Y_51502239d ago

Vectorman....I freaking love Vectorman! Playing it made me think, why isn't there more flipping Vectorman games?!

RockmanII72239d ago

Titus (Makers of such gems as Superman 64 and RoboCop) bought Interplay, who owned BlueSky Software, who made Vectorman, in 2001 and went bankrupt in 2004. Titus is likely the biggest reason why we haven't seen any Vectorman or Earthworm Jim games in the past decade. On the flip side, Titus ruining Interplay might be the biggest reason why Bethesda was able to acquire the Fallout IP so take that as you will.

pixelsword2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )


The Rayman before Rayman

Quite possibly the best side-scroller of all time.

*tears up*

I gotta go!

laxbeav2239d ago

I totally forgot about PLOK. That game was awesome!!!!

smashcrashbash2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

Bonk was awesome and they never got a chance to bring him back into the light. His game got cancelled.Granted I believe some of these characters were forgotten because they were crappy ones.

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