Joystiq's Kingdom Hearts 3D review: Dreams dropped


Growing up is weird. Where once things were simple, they quickly morph into a terrifying nightmare labyrinth of complexity. You've got bills to pay, billowing lists of day-to-day chores to attend to, legions of people to keep up with, and so very little time to make sure it all gets done. In that sense, growing up alongside Square's Kingdom Hearts series presents some eerie parallels. Many melodramatic heart-shaped moons ago, it was about three friends battling evil to keep each other safe. Sure, there was some romance, rivalry and Donald Duck along the way, but it was ultimately easy to follow and, frankly, heartfelt. Slowly but surely, though, the series added Keyblade Wars and shadowy Organizations and clones and 365/2 days and digitized worlds and... yeah. You get the idea.

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GuruStarr782324d ago

Just started playing this.... and man, they ain't lying... it's super-complex!! So much stuff to memorize and do.. Makes me really miss the original 2 PS2 games!!