6 Weapons Buffed in Modern Warfare 3

In a recent hotfix, Infinity Ward beefed up the stats of 6 (3 Assault Rifles, 3 SMGs) of the weapons used in Modern Warfare 3.

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iMpuTeD2326d ago

i would have made the mp5 more accurate as well its to sloppy. but ump and ak47 those guns are already pretty powerful as it is i dont get it.

CodCom2326d ago

I guess Infinity Ward has a bit more stats / facts to go on then we do :)

iMpuTeD2325d ago

if you look at the stats of the guns that infinity ward put in the game they are usually off. It would show that the mp7 is the least accurate smg when actually its the most accurate smg. That's just an example of what i noticed I don't even go off of the stats only some guns are accurate to what it shows such as the ACR.

b4mw32326d ago

awesome changes!! good stuff!! keep em coming!

WeskerChildReborned2326d ago

That's good the FAD got buffed.

jjb19812325d ago

I'm glad the ak47 kick got reduced because I kept that weapon as a prestige unlock.... Good stuff