Why you're likely to be playing Grand Theft Auto V by next March

Analysts show that simple math dictates that Take-Two will ship Grand Theft Auto V by March 31.

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smooch_3572001d ago

Well Bioshock's release date got moved back to the end of February, so I wonder what implications if any that has on GTA V's release. Personally I doubt that it will be released before the end of 2012...I mean if it really was going to be released by this holiday season, I feel like we would have been know about it by now, and that we wouldn't have only had 1 trailer released up until now.

iamnsuperman2001d ago

I agree. With the Bioshock's release date being pushed back march seems unlikely. It would either have to be before (again unlikely because we have heard hardly anything and it would realistically need to release by the end of November early December) or at least after march.

PhantomT14122001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

I think it's gonna be May like Max Payne... or April like GTA IV.

ChunkyLover532001d ago

If it were going to be released this year, Take Two would have hinted at it or said something. They have shareholders and their stock was taking a beating today.

deantak2001d ago

Gamescom will be another clue. By now, you'd think they'd be in marketing mode already for a fall launch. it also makes sense they would avoid the bioshock infinite date..

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