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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is a few weeks away but you can get a taste of it now by downloading and playing the demo that’s been released on Xbox Live and Playstation Network.

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Elda1963d ago

Yes,the demo is FIRE!!

OOG1963d ago

where is my beast wars at lol

tigertron1963d ago

I'd literally pay High Noon to make us another Beast Wars game. The first one was terrible on the PS1/PC. :( Never bothered with the beat 'em up Transmetals N64 game...¬_¬

sandman2241963d ago

Im very surprised. I like the demo, there's nothing out there that lets you transform while playing team death match. My only gripe is the graphics aren't the best but the gameplay makes up for it. I hope one day this game will be remade when the next gen of consoles come out. Just imagine 60fps with better graphics. This game would be a huge success!

Zha1tan1962d ago

Played the demo, its great!

Sent my feedback in an email to the devs which is:

[email protected]

If the rest of you want to do so!

I think the infiltrator and scientist are slightly to good as they seem to be the go to clases for the demo mainly because you dont even need to aim the scientists nuetron assault rifle and the scatterblaster and infiltrator pistol are just rediculously damaging weapons.