Why Limbo is one of the greatest games ever made

Gamesradar- We talk a lot about immersion and narrative in video games these days. We bolster our claims of gaming’s newfound artistic maturity by waving around our shiny high-def graphics with their millions of lifelike light beams. We point proudly at our lengthy cut-scenes written by that guy from that TV show that used to be hot.

But that misses the point. The truly important artistic steps for gaming don’t come from the works which backwardly ape cinema. They come from the ones which experiment with gaming’s uniqueness as a medium and strive to find a new creative language of their own. And there have been few more successful games in that respect, in mainstream circles at least, than Limbo.

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mewhy322325d ago

It's a great game but far from one of the greatest ever IMO.

MaxXAttaxX2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Atmosphere was good in the beginning but later it started getting a bit uninspired with the levels design and puzzles.
Good game, but a little overrated.

GribbleGrunger2325d ago

agreed. It's not even close to the greatest game ever made. I bought it last week and I've got to say I'm disappointed in it. It's got great moments in it but overall it falls woefully short of being great. The devs seemed to run out of ideas towards the end and I was actually glad to get it over and done. It won't get a second playthrough, that's for sure.

Is it a good game with great ideas? Yes
Is it a the greatest game ever made? Get outa here!

sarydactl2325d ago

One of the greatest? Yeah, I'd agree with that :) . The sound design was a big part of it, not just the artistic style that everyone focuses on. Nothing quite like starting a rain storm to those sound effects.

Kyosuke_Sanada2325d ago

Greatest game ever is kinda pushing it especially when there are titles like Oddworld: Abe's Odyssey and Heart Of Darkness which it obviously got inspired from.

PirateThom2325d ago

Damnit, now I want to play Heart of Darkness.

Ben_Grimm2325d ago

It is one of the greatest games. The mood and tone is perfect. The black and white and creepy atmosphere adds to the mood and feeling of the game. Also I feel that you playing the role of a little child in such a dangerous and life threatning enviroment only adds to the emotion you have for the game.

Megaton2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

It's not that great. Not even the greatest among the homogenized "quirky platformer" indie market (I thought Bastion was much better). Limbo is a solid 8/10, IMO.

IHateYouFanboys2325d ago

Bastion is a platformer now?!

Bastion and Limbo are completely different genres lol.

Limbo is one of the best games of the generation IMO. one of the best games ever? possibly. not in my top 5 or 10, but its up there.

I cant help but feel it wouldve gotten a lot more love here on N4PS3G if it wasnt 360 exclusive for like 12 months.

Outside_ofthe_Box2324d ago

***"I cant help but feel it wouldve gotten a lot more love here on N4PS3G if it wasnt 360 exclusive for like 12 months."***

Funny cuz I can't help but feel that it would've gotten a lot less love from you if wasn't 360 exclusive for like 12 months.

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The story is too old to be commented.