Mario Kart Wii - Some New Info From NMag

Kotaku reports the next issue of German gaming pub NMag features a cover story on the upcoming Wii racer Mario Kart Wii as well as a few tiny tidbits on what we can expect from the waggle-enabled iteration. In addition to appearances from drivers like Mario, Wario, Luigi, Waluigi, Bowser, Peach, and Donkey Kong, the mag confirms that Boo and Baby Peach will also have driving duties. Not surprising, as we'd seen the former in at least one trailer, with the latter only making sense, given that Baby Mario and Baby Luigi will also star.

The mag, by way of GoNintendo, also mentions that at least 32 tracks are planned and that the dreaded "snaking" method of boosting will be included


-Sliding and snaking confirmed
-Baby Peach, Boo to be drivers
-online battle mode
-16 new + 16 old courses
-different vehicles for every driver
-controls can be compared to Excite Truck

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wiizy3736d ago

this game is going to be huge

Cyrus3653736d ago

Probably my fav. non main mario games. Loved the original SNES, the N64, and to lesser extent Cube version. Hopefully this will bring it back up, plus with online battle, should make things awesome.

kewlkat0073736d ago

this game and Super Smash are my next Wii games, hopefully both function very well online.

BrotherNick3736d ago

This game sounds like a welcome addition to my collection.

Jesso2k3736d ago

Is excite trucks controls any good? I've play nfs pro street and I'd say the controls are okay as a novelty but I'd switch to analog sticks if i was playing anything higher than easy.

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