Jay-Z in charge of music for NBA 2K13

Take-Two has released information about Jay-Z's involvement with the upcoming NBA 2k13 video game. Jay-Z has released his own statements and says he hopes to help usher in the new era of the series.

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DrRobotnik2244d ago

Wish I could get a NFL2K13...oh wait.

DrRobotnik2244d ago (Edited 2244d ago )

EA made a deal with the NFL a few years back to be the only ones aloud to make NFL games. NFL 2K was far better then madden in the past and EA couldn't handle it.

Ben_Grimm2244d ago

Oh ok, I was just waiting because you said wait.

iceman062244d ago

Here's hoping that the NFL will think about it before re-upping after this year. Maybe (and I doubt it) the anti-trust court case will actually come out favorable.

yabhero2244d ago (Edited 2244d ago )

If you can't shoot a basketball I feel bad for you son, I shoot 99 basketballs and I never miss one...

yabhero2244d ago

Come on guys the joke was pretty good...
I'm the only who saw the BF3 commercial?

Sono4212244d ago

That song is well known outside of that BF3 commercial you know that right?

2pacalypsenow2244d ago (Edited 2244d ago )

Is he gonna fix the my player and Server issues?? if hes not i don't care what he does . Also too much Jay z and Kanye west on the game :( . Also is there gonna be a vita version??

SethAFitzgerald2244d ago

Yes there is supposed to be a Vita version, I think I forgot to include that in the system list sorry.

ATi_Elite2244d ago

I wonder is Jay Z gonna add Nas' ETHER to the Soundtrack!


BlazeCP32244d ago

name someone who has sold more records than jay z in hip hop

iceman062244d ago

@Blaze...Tupac...then Eminem beat him just to answer your question.

Sono4212244d ago

Is it possible to overrate someone who has a slim number of people topping him in the sales of his genre? (Not saying the genre is his but simply the one he takes place in, I shouldn't have had to point this out but I know how you people on here like to spin things)

ATi_Elite2242d ago

MC Hammer sold a ton of records! Is MC Hammer a great Rapper! NO!

Sales do not mean QUALITY!!

Jay Z is OVERRATED! only people that play JayZ are New Yokers who work on Wall Street and wannbe's who live in the Suburbs.

Come to the "HOOD" or "Barrio" NO ONE is playing JayZ.

JayZ is a good business man and a cool dude but his music is OVERRATED!

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samson-12244d ago

2k12 is probably the best sports game ever created.

2pacalypsenow2244d ago

u prob didnt play it then, it barely added anything since 2k11 and the servers of 2k8-2k9 were 120% better, and the my player is is broken

samson-12244d ago

you must of played a different game because 2k12 is way better than 2k11. You must be a NBA live

Timmer2244d ago

You've obviously never played NFL 2k5.

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