PSM3 Report: Unnamed Developer Was Ready To Reveal Next Gen Content At E3 2012

It appears that we were this close to witnessing actual content for a next gen home console at this year’s E3, according to the September issue of PSM 3.

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2326d ago
Thatguy-3102326d ago

Judging from interviews I think it was epic. Those guys are anxious for next gen to arrive.

akaakaaka2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

well I'm also upset they are milking the PS3 and xbox and have not give us the PS4 already ... Videos game have become boring old and unimpressive ... yes TLOF and BEYOND looks good but they could look mind blowing on next gen tech and be truly amazing...

but I'm glad to see the S/enix next gen engine and that give me a idea on how great next gen will look but still upset that they did not show the rest and i got to wait forever for it! and those who say i'm not ready for it, well even if it comes in two years you will not be ready because you guys are cheap and will wait for a price drop or two, before getting one anyways.. losers f.... off and start disagree's lol like if it means anything vote VOTE!!!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2326d ago

should of did it.. Watchdogs did it but it was pc version and the current version is still coming to ps3 and xbox.

ChunkyLover532326d ago

We actually don't know that for sure. Ubisoft never shows their games off on a PC, let alone the really high end "next gen" type of PC they showed Watchdogs off on.

There were no consoles listed at first for the game, only after people started saying it looked next gen did Ubisoft tentatively say "Oh yea, PS3/360". The thing is, these developers and publishers sign confidentiality agreements, they aren't allowed to show off "next gen titles" or mention next gen hardware.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

I would trust the producer more than you..

ChunkyLover532326d ago

Sounds to me like a quick cover up. He said he wanted to get the game on as many consoles as possible, that doesn't mean the version we saw at E3 will be the one that is released on dated hardware like the 360/PS3.

Summons752326d ago

Unnamed huh? Well with that the credibility of the story goes completely down the drain.

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