Spy vs Spy game creator tells the story of a rerelease nearly 30 years in the making

Richard Spitalny, the founder and president of First Star Software, recently collaborated with app developer Robots & Pencils on an iOS remake of his now-classic creation, Spy vs Spy. You may recognize the titular espionage artists and their infamous rivalry from the pages of Mad magazine. Richard recently took some time out of his busy schedule to talk about the rerelease that’s nearly 30 years in the making and to share some unique insights about working in the video game industry for three consecutive decades.

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Gungnir1960d ago

I used to play the hell out of these games on my Commodore 64. Might have to check this out.

Sadie21001960d ago

Same here. I loved the old game. Weird that they're only just now remaking it.

Ben_Grimm1960d ago

I remember a friend and I popped this game in on the NES and had the time of our lives.

barefootgamer1960d ago

I remember playing on the Commodore 64 too. I was always the black spy.

Lord_Sloth1960d ago

I still have a working copy of this game and a working NES to play it in. My brother and I wasted countless hours in it. A re-release would be fun.