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Left4Dead 2 on 360 gets 1st fan-made content;Why should 360 gamers have to pay when it's free on PC?

Left 4 Dead 2 on PC is open to fan modification. Indeed, it's encouraged by Valve, who not only released the tools to enable gamers to do so, but even pledged to promote one user-created map each week for the foreseeable future. One such mod is 'Cold Stream' – a fan-made campaign set in a forest that's been picked up by Valve who have officially released it on PC after months in open Beta as a free download. As a first for Xbox 360, this very same fan-made content is coming to Xbox 360 on Friday.

For 560 MS Points. (Left 4 Dead 2, Microsoft, PC, Steam, Valve, Xbox 360)

decrypt  +   907d ago
xbox 360 is a console, which means its a locked down platform. Console gaming in general is quite expensive compared to Pc, specially these days when console makers are penny pinching on everything possible.

Pc being an open platform acts like a resistance toward this trend, console makers hate this. its a reason why Ms is trying to lock down the next release of windows. personally i think they will fail very badly.

in general console gamers only have themselves to blame for the ill treatment they get. i think console gamers need to grow a pair and ask for mod tools on every game. it would surely go a long way to serving all the gamers pc and console.


Might have been true last gen. This gen the tables have turned. A 500usd PC these days comes equipped with a quad core CPU and a GPU thats generations ahead of consoles here is an example:


The above PC costs about the price of a console at launch. Even today 300usd for console vs 500usd for PC that isnt much of a difference.

Now consider 1 game like Left4dead 2 on console costs 30usd plus 5usd for each DLC(think there are 5), plus charges to go online. On PC the same game is only 5usd with all the DLCs free.

Now consider many such examples can be drawn. Hence console makers might trick people into believing consoles are cheap, however that has changed. The amount of penny pinching this gen is out of whack.

Lastly consider all the discounts available on platforms like Steam these days. Its literally possible to buy multiple AAA games just few months after release for 50usd. On console the prices hardly drop.

So no the tables have turned, consoles now stand as the more expensive platform, for people who want to game anyways. For those looking to buy 1-2 games only over the consoles life, then yea consoles are cheaper.
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Snookies12  +   907d ago
I think you have that kind of backwards... PC gaming is the expensive one, console is for a budget when you consider you need to pay at least 500+ dollars for the minimum gaming PC rig.
Irishguy95  +   907d ago
Initial price =/= total cost

PC gaming works out to be cheaper. Its' the same argument as saying Xbox costs more because you have to pay for Gold. Games are much cheaper on PC. That alone makes up the cost.

You don't have to constantly upgrade, you don't NEED Top quality graphics all the time, i'm getting on fine with an 8800GtX atm although yes it's certainly time to upgrade, I can still 'play' what I want. Keep in mind EVERY multiplat game looks better on my PC too
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Snookies12  +   907d ago
@Irishguy95 - I get what you're saying, but you also have to take into account the fact that as a serious PC gamer, you have to constantly upgrade your machine to keep it relevant. Meaning that even with games typically being cheaper, I believe the PC route will still be more expensive in the long run. Then again, if you count things like Steam's sales on PC games, I guess there's no comparison. I've gotten so many 20-30 USD games for like 5 dollars on there.
Honest_gamer  +   907d ago
you dont need to keep buying new parts my OLD 5 year old pc with a 9500gt, plays dead island on high settings, i can play crysis 1 on medium or if i want the top end craphics i can compremise for instance put texture, model, terrain graphics to ultra turn physics, shadow, water to low, and when i get my new pc next month i expect my 670 to play games maxed out for another 3/4 years without the need to reduce the graphics from max (ofcourse there will be one or two badly optimised games that i'll have to play on lower settings)
Raf1k1  +   907d ago
Even as a serious PC gamer I don't need to constantly keep upgrading. I haven't bought an upgrade in over 3 years and the only game giving me trouble is Battlefield 3 mainly due to it being a CPU heavy game. It just means I have to play on 32 players maps if I want to continue playing at 1080p.

The next time I upgrade will be next year which will last me well into the next console generation.

While it's true some gamers frequently buy upgrades but they're in the minority. Most of us simply can't afford to keep sinking money into out PCs and we tend to play console games too.
Emilio_Estevez  +   907d ago
But what about the PS3? There is a ton of free DLC on there, MS just has a policy of no free DLC (which is horrible) so it's not "consoles".

And all games drop in price after a few months, that's not exclusive to PC. I just bought 6 games on Amazon for around $110. All released within the past year and half.

Seems fairly obvious why you only have 1 bubble, one sided view much?
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JBSleek  +   907d ago
Seems fairly obvious why you will only have one your information is wrong.
NukaCola  +   907d ago
HALO's Forge


And even Unreal Tournament III on PS3.

User Content from fans and patriot loyalist should be able put their innovating ideas on Consoles and PCs regardless.
PixL  +   907d ago
I keep reading this argument that PC gaming is cheap all over again. I think you need to do a bit of math. Last time I checked, the price of a GPU that would handle all content I'd like to play (say BF3, because I play it a lot) was exactly the same price as a PS3. What about the rest? Will $500 give me good quality hardware if a gamer's mouse is 15-20% of the price alone? I know the prices because I used to buy PCs for gaming a few years ago. It's true you don't have to upgrade every year but it's not true you pay once in 5-6 as with consoles. I'd say you need an upgrade every 2-3 years. It's again twice as much.

Now the games. I go to Steam and I see PC games are 50 euros. I usually pay about 45-50 euros for day 1 console games. Where's the difference? Oh yes, I can sell console games after I'm done with them. That returns 75% of price if I do it within a month. I can't sell PC games. Even if I buy a boxed game (which are indeed a bit cheaper here), there's usually Internet activation and anyway nobody would buy it from me when I finish it or, worse, when I don't like it. Also PC games tend not to have demos before release. I don't know why... I also don't know why console games don't get discounted in your shops. They do where I buy, be it used or new games. A half-year old game is usually 50% release price or less (depends on popularity). I could get Max Payne 3 for less than 40 euros right now, new in foil. It's still 50 euros on Steam.
-Superman-  +   907d ago
Why should 360 gamers have to pay, when its free on PC?
Go ask Microsoft, because Valve game free, but Microsoft priced it.
Why? So then Microsoft can get even more money from you!
Megaton  +   907d ago
Microsoft forces them to charge. Several developers, including Valve and Epic, have butted heads with Microsoft over their insistence on charging for everything. They claim it "devalues the content" if you don't charge for it.
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"Why should 360 gamers have to pay when it's free on PC?"

Cuz what M$ says goes for them. They even pay for online multiplayer & web browsing. Also cloud saving is free on steam with extra free content & mods xbox owners would want.

Unless you like the 3 major franchises (halo, gears & forza.. Fable 3 is on steam..) & cod. Buying xbox is not justifiable to me. imo.
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samson-1  +   907d ago
Regardless some would still rather play on xbox live. Say what you want but xbox live is a great service and it shows because its members are growing. It seems price isn't an issue and most people prefer gaming on a console rather than a PC.
"most people prefer gaming on a console rather than a PC."

most people who don't know that they are getting ripped off & who are not tech savvy prefer gaming on a console rather than a PC. - fixed

"Regardless some would still rather play on xbox live."

If you like more than games sure..
But when it comes to gaming service steam is better. Steam workshop gave me 65,000+ portal 2 puzzles & 85,000+ skyrim mods + more games are being supported.

I don't care for the non game related crap MS wants to show at E3's I like games. Seems I can focus more of that on a pc without losing youtube for free!. These days consoles want to be pc's so much. now wii wants to be a tablet.

Consoles are so main stream that they need to be everything for everybody. My Pc is what I want it to be.
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Hazmat13  +   907d ago
i might get fanboy rage but is valve gonna put Left 4 Dead on the PS3?
samson-1  +   907d ago
maybe some day they will. I'm hoping that they do. Its an awesome game.
The game runs on any netbook thrown in the garbage, just like any Valve game rehashing the Source engine again and again and again. I don't see why you can't play it on PC.
ATi_Elite  +   907d ago
Why should 360 gamers have to pay when it's free on PC?
Because Microsoft wants MONEY!

Microsoft would charge X360 Gamers $1 every time they opened up the X360 to change disc if they could justify it!!

If there is Money to be made Microsoft will nickel and Dime you to get it.

*....and to all the people up above arguing over the price of a Gaming PC vs. Console..... JUST STOP IT!! A PC does more than JUST play games therefore it SHOULD cost more than a console*
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StrawberryDiesel420  +   907d ago
This is actually very cheap for the amount of content so it's not a big deal. Valve is a great developer.
StreetsofRage  +   907d ago
Pretty awesome deal. As long as the one that created it gets a big chunk of the money instead of Valve. PC Mods are cool but what is the incentive on putting all that work if you're not going to get paid?

Would be cool to see these guys make more mods for 360 games and actually get paid for their time.
Tornadobounce  +   907d ago
Um.....is it even worth getting?

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