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Review: Dyad (New Gamer Nation)

Games like Dyad are hard to describe accurately without simply seeing it for yourself, and even then, it's still confusing at first glance. It can be compared to a game like Rez, but even that comparison doesn't do it justice. Dyad is one of those games that if someone walked in on you playing it, they’d think you were in a trance, staring at a memorizing kaleidoscope mashing a button on a controller in front of you. Calling this game a psychedelic racing, puzzler, arcade, music, shooter, certainly doesn’t make things anymore lucid, either. It may even sound like this game is trying to be too many things, which often causes a game to fail. Dyad does not fail, but actually succeeds greatly-- it manages to incorporate a little bit of everything, making it a unique experience. (Dyad, PS3) 9/10

NastyLeftHook0  +   914d ago
this game is so addicting.
newgamernation  +   914d ago
definitely, it's a great game
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