Oddworld Strangers Wrath Vita Gamescom Reveal Teased

Just Add Water founder Stuart Gilray teased an upcoming Gamescom 2012 announcement for the PS Vita Strangers Wrath project.

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Freak of Nature2324d ago

Strangers wrath was IMO the most under rated game on the original XBOX. Anyone that has not played it should play this game on there system of choice, a really deep, fun, creative game.

I cannot wait for whatever comes up next from the Oddworld series...

Fyflin2324d ago

I already have this courtesy of PS+ and it's a real gem. Does anyone know if we'll have to purchase the vita version separately?

sloth33952324d ago

im pretty sure they said you would have to buy it separately

Fyflin2324d ago

That's a shame, I'd have played through it again on my Vita. Great game but sadly not worth purchasing twice.