Far Cry 3 co-op demo introduces characters, story

VG247: Ubisoft has released a walkthrough of the E3 co-op demo for Far Cry 3, featuring developer commentary. The firm has also released information pertaining to the character biographies and story behind the co-op mode.

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Hazmat132326d ago

a DLC for this game should the Boondock Saints and all the characters they had from the first to last Last All Saints day. lol that would be awesome. glad to hear more from FarCry3 only shooters worth getting are FarCry3 and Metro Last Light.

BattleTorn2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Since when has FarCry 3 supported co-op?

That's what I always wanted!

Since it's four seperate characters, aside from SP, it makes me think that the co-op will be never limited - an afterthought to the rest of the game. I get that sense whenever the co-op is seperated from SP/MP, like in Battlefield 3.

What FarCry should have done is copy Dead Island, and let there be 4 selectable characters and make the transition between co-op and SP seemless.

Really cool footage though, and has return FarCry3 to "must buy" status, in my book. (It had dropped off for a bit after the MP look too much like COD)

Whitefeather2326d ago

It was announced at Sony's E3 conference.

BossPerson2326d ago

Why do demo players always suck?

bub162323d ago

this game coudnt come out soon enough!!!!!!!! i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this!