The Biggest Flaws In Batman: Arkham City’s Story

GA writes: Batman: Arkham City received universal acclaim when it was released last year. To say the least, it received very good scores. I even gave it a great score. However, there is one thing about Arkham City that needs to be addressed. The story gets the job done, but it has some serious problems. Before I go on, I want to warn those of you who have not played Arkham City. This editorial contains nothing but spoilers about the game. If you have not played Arkham City, stop reading right now and go play the game. Now, here are the biggest flaws in Batman: Arkham City’s story.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

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dragon_rocks2326d ago

Hugo Strange had to prove himself to Ra's Al Ghul that he was better than Batman by beating Batman straight instead of using his secret identity to take him down. That is why he let Batman escape and never bothered to stop Batman when he was causing trouble in AC. He wanted to show that in spite of Batman trying to stop him he would still succeed and complete his plans which was the Protocol to kill all inmates.

For Talia I am assuming that Batman knew that league of Assassins members who are always around Talia will take her back to the pit to revive her. Also I guess the devs wanted to show that Joker's death is indeed that serious in Batman's universe that even Batman gives it more importance.

Sizzon2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Amazing game, but I liked Asylum better, but overall, Rocksteady have proven themselves as one the best devs this gen thanks the Arkham series.

310dodo2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Rocksteady crafted 2 masterpiece's

the back stories
and the living decaying Arkham was fantastic

If Skyrim didnt come out the same year
Arkham City would be hands down GOTY