The Dark Knight Reborn: How Nolan and Rocksteady Games got Batman right

CV writes: The last ten years have been momentous for Batman. Acclaimed director Christopher Nolan was able to pull the caped crusader out of the garish, nipple-suited rubble caused by Joel Schumacher to give us the realistic Batman trilogy we deserved and needed. Meanwhile, Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive were working hard on their own vision of Batman’s world, an equally ambitious project that was unparalleled by any other Batman game.

Nolan’s trilogy and Rocksteady's pair of Batman games received acclaim from both fans and critics. Attempting to determine which work is superior is as foolish as it is impossible, and would be a disservice to the creators. Rather than travel down that road, which would spawn the worst kind of Internet rage, I’d rather examine both to find out what makes them among the best Batman stories ever told outside the pages of a comic book.

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