Resident Evil 6: First Agent Hunt Gameplay Footage

Check out some first Resident Evil 6 Agent Hunt gameplay footage.

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Ramas1903d ago

have to admit looks quite fun :)

blackbeld1903d ago

I have to buy this game. This looks really fun!

wollie1903d ago

man this looks awful.

SageHonor1903d ago

That's an understatement.

Styxoric1903d ago

Looks really, really boring.

MehmetAlperTR1903d ago

full of action game.. not a survival horror game.. congratulations cRapcom for ruining RE Franchise...

GammaSix1903d ago

the only thing that looks bad is how slow you attack

but other than that, let the n4g hate bandwagon commence

user54670071903d ago

lol n4g hate bandwagon

Take a stroll on some other gaming websites...the hate for this game isn't just here you know.

It looks bad...what do you honestly expect.

ado9081903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

Eh you know you're going to still end up buying it just for the games story. Who knows maybe the game will be fun. But as of right now they changed too many things for the worse.

user54670071903d ago

"Eh you know you're going to still end up buying it just for the games story"

Obviously...but only when it's in the bargain bin after months have past. I'll probably not end up buying it untill 2013.

Unlike most I stick to my guns

ado9081903d ago

Yeah I'll end up picking the game up later as well.

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