The Potential of the Ouya

I’ve never really liked consoles. Partly, it’s because of the expense- to get a system with four controllers is usually over 400$ once everything’s said an done…for what basically amounts to an inferior version of my computer. Then, I have to go out and buy games at sixty bucks a pop, physical ones. Honestly, as much fun as getting around a TV with the guys and playing a game is, I can’t put that much down for it. I was on Kickstarter the other day, and lo and behold, I found the answer to the issue of expensive consoles: the Ouya. It’s a console deliberately marketed as cheap, with a digital distribution. In fact, on the Kickstarter page, it even says that developers must offer some content as free; whether it’s a demo, or the whole game. They can choose to ask the player whether to subscribe, pay for in-game items, or for the full game depending on how they choose to release their games.

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X-Factor2327d ago

Great Article. I've been following the news on the Ouya with some careful skepticism.

I'm excited about it, but not overly optimistic about it's future.

Time will tell. I suspect Google will at some point jump in to financially support the development of this system, if they are not already.

JellyJelly2327d ago

If it gets good software support it could be the host to some creative titles I think. And if so it will get my full attention.

Some of the most creative games this gen have been downloadable titles such as Journey, Flower, Braid, Trials Evolution etc. Imagine a console made up of games in that vein. Would be awesome.

hennessey862327d ago

But I can't see this thing doing that well, time will tell. One thing I will say is is as a gamer I have no interest in this thing

Thatguy-3102327d ago

wont survive at all. Brand recognition is important anyone who doesnt surf these sites are clueless on what Ouya is. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo well demolish this. Once the next gen consoles are announce everyone will forget about Ouya

X-Factor2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

I think dboyc310 makes an a great point. Unless your actively surfing these sites, you won't have a clue this thing is out there.

With as much money as Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have invested in this industry, they will move to squash this thing.

Unless, as I mentioned in my first comment, Google backs it.

Which if I know Google, and I DON'T, haha, but if I did, I would bet the farm they will back it at some point.

BTW, I purposely made a grammatical error up top. I want to see if the grammar natzi comes after me.

HelloHowAreYou2327d ago

They can try, but they won't succeed. Why? Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have already solidified their places in the gaming industry and there isn't anymore room for anyone else.

It's better for Ouya to jump into mobile games/ webapp games

Summons752327d ago

It's potential.....Zero

2327d ago
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