China's Online Game Companies Trying to Break into Overseas Markets

CHINESE game developers are trying to break into or make further gains in overseas markets after capturing a more than 70 percent share of the domestic market. Top game firms, including Shanda Entertainment, NetEase, Tencent and Perfect World are attending the five-day China Digital Entertainment Expo in Shanghai. The conference is also known as ChinaJoy, the country’s biggest annual game fair. Among a total of about 600 games displayed at ChinaJoy, more than 400 games are developed locally. Homegrown games have become mainstream products in China, now they are on the way to making Chinese games competitive globally.

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killerhog2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Of course china has a huge hold in the Chinese game market, its hard to sell in china if youre a foreign company. Software being the worst to sell when f*cks can so easily rip it off. Most western games DO NOT get shipped to china. Frankly I stay away from Chinese games they aren't good at all. Some are very fishy (one chinese game involved me pretty much giving up all my effing information, it was an ipod game), they seem to always want you to buy items, and others are straight rip-offs.

rdgneoz32324d ago

Curious how it'll work when there are a bunch of Chinese devs that will rip games off and claim innocence...

killerhog2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

I can tell you right now, they wont get away with it once their knock-offs reach American shores. So in Chinese devs sake they better have originality with games they try to ring here or Europe.

And what I meant earlier for a Chinese game I downloaded, before you could play it (said game) you had to agree to an agreement that pretty much gave them 100% permission for them to spy on you. Thank god I read the agreement quickly said no and deleted the game.