Rich Chinese Gamer Books Whole Game Booth for Private Use During Game Exhibition

During the last week of Chinajoy 2012, China’s biggest gaming and digital entertainment exhibition, a young and rich Chinese gamer spent a huge amount of money to book a whole game booth for private use, just to quietly test out the latest online game on the spot. He booked the place for only 30 minutes, and other attendees were not allowed to visit the area while he was present.

To serve the VIP guest, the game company had even arranged 3 booth babes to cool him down with hand-held fan. His unbelievably arrogant behavior disgusted other gamers, and one gamer even threw a few hundred cash notes to the person in charge, requesting the same VIP service, but he was ignored by the game company.

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longcat2327d ago

1 billion people and thats the best bouncer they could find? lol.

could think of better uses for booth babes