PS Vita Rip-Off Appears at China’s Biggest Gaming Expo

Even though the actual PS Vita was at the recent China Joy gaming convention in Shanghai, a Vita inspired copy was there, too.

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extermin8or2327d ago

It's china what do you expect they have hundreds of products made that rip off products by foreign companies, and what's worse is that in alot of cases you can't do a damn thing about it because if you take them to court the Chinese government gets behind them and you just lose anyway, corrupt and unfair system. I mean look at some of the cars they produce; some are identical to cars made by well known Brand's even the specs are the same all that's really changed is the manufacturers logo and the build quality is probably lower; they have rip off ipod's and other things, such a shame really that most other big players play fair when it comes to patents and copyright in the global market but then china feels it doesn't have to participate most of the time when a foreign company tries to put legal pressure on a company from china that is clearly in the wrong....

Trenta272327d ago

Same with the Samsung and Apple lawsuit going on.

Robochobo2327d ago

Have you seen the cigarettes they produce? Some brands there are actually full of things that are worse than western brands. Mud, grass, around 2 times the amount of carbon monoxide of regular cigarettes, plus insect eggs and human feces have been found in these counterfeit smokes. It's an entire country built around counterfeiting shoddy items, then flipping them for a ridiculous profit.

one2thr2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

Lmao @ the ingredients in their cigarettes

Denethor_II2326d ago

What makes it worse is that China will one day rule the world.

killerhog2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

Don't blame them, blame governments and "big players" who outsource everything to china. The Chinese economy is thriving because of us, we (the people) can simply boycott merchandise that comes from china (regardless if American own) and our governments/"big players" can stop outsourcing to china. We can force them to respect patent laws and copyrights as well as other things. Instead we're helping the allie of many of the U.S enemies grow as a super power.

extermin8or2327d ago

we can but at the same time, if they don't want to respect copyright laws, ultimately I blame them;p yes we could force them to have to but my point is that in the current age why should I have to boycott things etc just to get a foreign government a reason to consider following the rules most other nations follow almost out f courtoset or 'frs

MasterCornholio2327d ago

Copy Starbucks
Copy Apple Stores
Copy McDonald's
Copy Sony Style stores.

And it goes on an on. That's the beauty of communism.


urwifeminder2327d ago

Food security bothers me so many food products are coming into australia from china how do we know the companies are doing strict health and saftey checks, anyone seen the docco on chinese counterfit holy hell they were making fake eggs that were killing people due to chemicals lol.

one2thr2327d ago

Damn... Thats just wrong in so many ways... Counterfiet eggs

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