WWE 13 Roster: 84 Superstars That Will Be Included

There are 84 slots for THQ to fill and with only a handful fully confirmed, What Culture predicts the final cut.

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stephmhishot1368d ago

Knowing THQ a large chunk of the announced roster will be

1) The Rock (wrestling attire)
2) The Rock (Sweatsuit attire)
3) The Rock (Thousand dollar shirt attire)
4) The Rock (Rocky Maivia Attire)
5) The Rock (alt wrestling attire)
6) SCSA (wrestling attire)
7) SCSA (Vest and tights attire)
8) SCSA (Vest and jean shorts attire)
9) SCSA (3:16 shirt and jeans shorts attire)
10)SCSA (Colored knee brace heel attire)

Wintersun6161368d ago

They've had alternate costumes for a long time now, without sacrificing roster spots you know.

Enmson1368d ago

Knowing THQ he said... XD

WeskerChildReborned1368d ago

They haven't wasted spots in a while and now they are using alternate costumes.

Elvis1368d ago

I had to disagree with you because of your avatar.

Wintersun6161368d ago

Why would someone use a bowl of fruity pebbles as his avatar?

secretcode1368d ago

There better be some Macho Madness.

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Propellarhead91368d ago

There are not 84 slots in this game. There are 78. Who ever at whatculture that looked at the thq site thought there were 12 full rows but there is only 11 and then one slot on the next row.