PSN maintenance on August 2 for Two Hours

Sony has just announced a schedule Playstation Network maintenance will take place on August 2 just for two hours from 8-10am BST. During this time period, Account Management and the PS Store will be DOWN.

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GamerElite2326d ago

Wasn't there one already last week. Jeez...It seems psn goes down more than my girlfriend.

boybato2326d ago

t's only two hours bro. Cook her a meal or something, maybe then...

Moby-Royale2326d ago

Assuming this type of this was normal, you are saying that she does once every weak or so?

Sucks to be you. Or I guess... it doesn't suck?

Merrill2326d ago

It's not like you can't play online, it's just the store & account management for 2 hours, big whoop.

simonrope2326d ago

Again? Wasnt there one like last week?

AusRogo2326d ago

You can still play online though.

310dodo2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

dang that sucks.

back to fifa or skyrim

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