Notch slams new Steam user agreement terms... and EA

Minecraft creator Notch has questioned Valve’s new user agreement on Steam, which forbids people from filing class action lawsuits against the company – and he couldn’t resist having a pop at EA, too.

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Megaton1732d ago

Standard operating procedure nowadays. Truth is Valve is one of the last to do it.

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SPAM-FRITTER-1231732d ago

i wish this guy would just shut up. yeh you made minecraft BUT don't think your the new voice of PC gaming.

taquito1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

notch, seriously, you got lucky, LUCKY

your game looks like a nes game, it is boring, but for some reason many very bored people love it, its not innovative, it isnt a creative masterpiece

its a lego game with terrible graphics

be happy, and quiet

valve craps more innovation after a night of beer and pizza than you will in your entire time on this earth

ylwzx31732d ago

lucky is correct... he will never have that same success again

MAJ0R1732d ago

I think you being way too cynical. Sure notch capitalized on a fad, but lets face it, Minecraft was fun when you first played it.

Of course it eventually got old and boring after a while, but which game doesn't? I still remember playing Minecraft for the first time, and I had a blast. I hadn't played anything like it before, and I believe it was innovative.

morventhus1732d ago

woaaah now... while i agree he got lucky.... valves innovative process now adays seems to be.... see someone doing something cool with a mod or see cool studio doing something (turtle rock) buy them... and then say valve was doing it all along... (i love valve but id hardly call hats innovative)

wages of sin1732d ago


That is one of the best comments I've read on the internet. Bravo (especially about the beer and pizza.)

Somebody1732d ago

Yeah he's just lucky. He even admitted that(kinda) in a recent interview saying something Minecraft is a one in a million fluke- that those after him won't be as lucky.

Really, I understand the appeal of the game's concept but the graphic it too bland to get me to try it. Then, I saw a recent mod that plays around with the shaders and suddenly the whole game look so darn pretty. After that I thought : "What the hell is Notch doing after all these years when a modder with a couple of shaders made it look better?"

With millions in pockets Notch should've at least made Minecraft better than what that modder did.

WeskerChildReborned1732d ago

I haven't played Minecraft but it does look like an interesting game.

MidnytRain1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

And what have you done that gives you more right to speak than he? Why is it okay to have an opinion up until one has success before being accused of getting ahead of himself? It seems like people think you have to be a little guy or a big guy to call someone out, but those in the middle (like Notch) get denounced when they have something to say. If us uninfluential netizens can make sit here and comment on Valve, so can Mr. Persson.

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OneAboveAll1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

What's with the word "Slams" being used all the time lately?
Also the guy above me is retarded. Have a nice day.

zaz121732d ago

Because of Summer Slam

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Flavor1732d ago

How indie of you Mr. notch.


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