Are We Truly Ready For The Next Xbox Generation?

PopBucket writes: With this year’s E3 out of the way, it’s become very apparent that we won’t see a next generation console from Microsoft until at least 2013/14. Many seemed saddened by this fact, but personally, I’m not sure we’re actually ready to say goodbye to our old friend, Xbox 360.

There are a number of factors which lead us to believe that we won’t see a next generation Xbox (Xbox 720?) for quite some time. These range from the demand from developers, the cost of hardware to the more simple aspects, like what the market actually wants from a console. Put the kettle on and join us below as we speculate wildly on these issues.

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versusALL2124d ago

Hells yeah, bring it on!

MultiConsoleGamer2124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )

I was ready two years ago.


My body is ready.

Wizziokid2124d ago

The 360 has run it's course we are defiantly ready for the next xbox, however the PS3 could still have a year or two left with games like Beyond: Two Souls showcasing that.

either way I'll be happy to buy my nextgen system day one, if it's a year or even two from now. I just hope we get out of this FPS trend and see some new IP's

JBSleek2124d ago

How could you possibly dismiss Microsoft from this generation yet give PS3 a year to two year stay.

Beyond: Two Souls and Last of Us doesn't cause a generational stay they are games coming out in 2013 to help the year along they are not games that should force the PS4 from coming out when the new Xbox comes out.

Wizziokid2124d ago

Because the PS3 is more powerful than the 360 and can still have it's boundaries push I.E Beyond and The Last of Us. I would say the 360 is at it's limit. it's just an observation on the consoles power.

krazykombatant2124d ago

PS3 is more powerful than xbox duh!!

Seriously, last I checked demanding games such as BF3 the ps3 had the same graphics power and player count as the xbox. Graphics aren't the only thing when it comes to next gen. Interective environments, smarter AI and many other are what make up a better next gen. Please get your head out of sony's ass.

JBSleek2124d ago

Has that power referred to every single game? No and only a few exclusives can be deemed graphically better than an Xbox 360.

Also you act as if PS3 is so much more powerful than the 360 which isn't even noticable. If you compare the two graphics on the same game side by side you couldn't tell the difference.

If Beyond is anything like Heavy Rain that isn't ground breaking or innovating it is an interactive movie hardly worth keeping six year old technology.

Last of Us comes out Q1 2013 so at that moment it has Gears of War to contend with via sales. As Beyond will have to contend with Bungies Destiny.

PS4 needs to come out in 2013 plain and simple and prolonging this generation any further more as the two competitors are given free market is not good business.

Let's assume PS4 comes out in 2014. Then not only has Wii-U had two years and will likely be $199 at that moment but Xbox will once again stole the thunder early and often.

If you can honestly say two games should delay an ENTIRE new generation because you deem them boundry pushers which isn't even the case then you can wait 2014/2015 to play acceptable games.

StreetsofRage2124d ago

Yup! I'm ready for next gen period. My 360 and ps3 has done their job. After seeing insane PC mods, StarWars 1313, Watchdogs, Battlefield 3 on maximum settings, and Crysis on max settings... You can clearly see that console gaming needs a serious upgrade.

Bring it on!!!

JamesSterling872124d ago

This goes deeper than the desire to see new tech, IPs and the return of existing franchises. This is more about putting increasing pressure (from both a finance and tech perspective) on an industry that is already feeling the burn of our economy.

I'd love to see what improvements that can come from the next generation of super consoles, but I don't want to see more developers suffering the same fate of 38 Studios, Twisted Metal and Team Bondi.

Fyflin2124d ago

I'll be happy if I can pick one up at the end of next year. By that point the good old 360 will be 8 years old so it'll be time for MS to put a new console in the spotlight.

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