X-Play gives Universe at War: Earth Assault 4/5

X-Play reviewer writes:
I always felt that the Empire at War games were hampered in part by need to fit into the Star Wars mythos. But now that Petroglyph is free from the shackles of Lucasland, they have created a real-time strategy game based on an original setting. And by original, I mean it feels a lot like Starcraft.

Ok, that's not really fair. While Universe at War does contain some very familiar trapping (sci-fi setting, three unique factions, and a narrative told through talking heads in little boxes on the screen). There's a lot of really interesting stuff going on here.

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wageslave3706d ago

It is prudent to note, and may have been worthwhile to include, but this game will be coming exclusively to the Xbox 360 Console.

Perhaps it should have been included as a channel.

mintaro3706d ago

my bad, ill try to take note of it as an update