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Iron Man 23766d ago

Fifa Street 2 on the PS2 looks x10 better than the next-gen versions of Fifa Street 3,what happened?and yes I downloaded and played the demo,pretty weak if you ask me;)

kornbeaner3766d ago

Fifa street 1 rocked hard and 2 fell off horribly.
Part3 seems to be following in the footsteps of part2.
This one looks to be the weaker of all three.

RAF-TECH3766d ago


the first was crazzy.

the 3rd. looks very whack.

Siesser3766d ago

I've only played the demo out on PSN, but I'm really not feeling this game thus far. Maybe it appeals to die hard soccer fans, but SSX and NBA Street remaing the only EA Big titles that I really enjoy playing.

bewarned3766d ago

Th Fifa Street games are nothing short of completely terrible. Fifa 08 is the game for me not some stupid trick football game, waste of developer time.