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PS3 patch for PES2008 again

Konami releases a new update for the PS3 version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008:

"Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has released an update for PES 2008 on PLAYSTATION®3 that will solve compatibility issues when it is played on a standard-definition TV set. The free download fixes the slight stuttering effect that occurs when the game is played on a non-HD source, and will be downloaded automatically when the game is played online." (Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, PS3)
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UnblessedSoul  +   2459d ago
Why are they saying the issues only happen on a standard television ? I really hope their next installment isn't another big joke like this one they have got to get their act together
cjp4eva  +   2459d ago
LOL how did you get a disagree? omg weird ppl (cant say xbot or droid) hehe.
Snukadaman  +   2459d ago
Wait a minute..didnt this just get a patch not even a month ago?
what gives?
leon76  +   2459d ago
Honestly, i don't have any problem with PES2008, except the online gaming!
Snukadaman  +   2458d ago
"Honestly, i don't have any problem with PES2008, except the online gaming!"
Well..lucky that "problem" isn't a problem.....wait huh?
PopEmUp  +   2459d ago
They should fix the online play not some standed looking plz fix the gameplay Konami EA is overtaking your area in Europe if you don't make the move fast

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