Juno Soundtrack Contains Konami Cheat Code

Gamedaily writes, while the little movie about a pregnant 16-year-old continues to steam through theaters along with at least five award nominations, we discovered a cheat code in the soundtrack for Juno.

Anyone Else But You, the song that the film's main characters, Juno (Ellen Page) and boyfriend Bleeker (Michael Cena) perform at the end of the movie is an abbreviated version of a song by The Moldy Peaches. The full-length version of the song, contained in the full Juno soundtrack contains the sacred Konami Code uber cheat, which works with many of the company's games (and apparently, even works in The Orange Box).

Here's the lyric in case you don't own the song or the soundtrack:
"Up up down down left right left right B A start
Just because we use cheats doesn't mean we're not smart."

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Stunt3827d ago

Whats this "uber cheat" do?

Cyrus3653827d ago

You mean you don't know what the Famous Konami code does? I believe it was originally for Contra, but many konami games, and other devs have used the same cheat.

Cyrus3653827d ago

Anyways the cheat basically does is giving you lots of "lives" and increasing the ability of characters/and weapons.

Rice3827d ago

Lol, i have those songs on my Mp3 player btw, Juno is the best movie of 2007, and the soundtrack is awesome, if any of you people didnt see it, go see it rite now while it's still in theatres.

Charlie26883827d ago

I saw this movie the other day pretty good movie actually :D

Gonna check out the soundtrack now :)

Cyrus3653827d ago

Hmm eveeryone is saying this movie is good ,may have to check it out.

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