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Got questions about Sony's new online service? Games Radar has all you need to know

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marinelife93794d ago

First I've heard of live sporting events and concerts. If they can make sure it's full of exclusive content that comes to Home before any other media out let first it will be a hit.

ThePunisherTF3794d ago

I am looking forward to being able to stream my movies/pictures/music to my friends.

It will be really cool having access to friends virtual media libraries.

FamilyGuy3794d ago

I don't know about streaming it so they can listen to it period but they ARE supposed to be able to view anything in your "home". All pictures posted/ on he wall, all music you have saved there to your radio/sound system / whatever. It's gonna be cool, but like a myspace for PS3 users.

2 cents3794d ago

Can`t wait for this. PS3 needs some better form of socialising with fellow gamers cos at the moment kinda sucks. The wholle thing sounds right on the money so bring it on sonny.

Mc1873794d ago

it does sound like it's coming along nicely.