Top 5 Creepiest Characters in Gaming

Gaming has a bunch of different types of characters. There are heroes, there are villains and many other styles along with the rest of them are a slew of uncanny characters out there. After playing many games each with these fearsome characters the questions is asked: which one of these characters is the creepiest of them all? Every game has one of those characters that will send chills down your spin and each for a very different reason. You have characters with eerie attitudes, those characters that make your blood run cold, and those that have a certain degree of insanity that just sets them at a new level of creepy. There are those that are incorporated into the storyline of a game and then those that are just do dangerous that they give the player a petrifying feeling. Out of all the games out there which of these character raise to the top of our creepiness charts?

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TheSuperior 2088d ago

I would say Condemned has some of the creepiest characters out there. Those people on that game nearly make me cry like a baby haha

Whitefeather2088d ago

I'm glad Sweet-Tooth was included I love the character but I'd never want to meet him....ever.

TheSuperior 2088d ago

LOL you got that right. I think hes got to be the creepiest character in gaming period.

Sino2088d ago

I hope that insane guy from FarCry3 will soon be in one of these list, that guy is crazy!

r212088d ago

have i ever told you the definition of insanity?

awesome line :D

garos822088d ago

it should have voldo from soul calibur in there. thats a creepy fruitcake and a half

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The story is too old to be commented.