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"GTA III" will be remade unofficially with "engine of GTA IV"

Fans of Grand Theft Auto are determined to remake every game of the series with modern technology. After the mod that improves the graphics of GTA IV, showed a group with a trailer like getting Grand Theft Auto 3 Classic Rage, a project to bring the original for the Playstation 2 GTA IV graphics system. (Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto IV, PC)

Lior  +   711d ago
hkgamer  +   711d ago
I think they are also making a San Andreas one as well.
Looks great, but the weird thing about this game is that there doesn't seem to have any pedestrians.
ninjahunter  +   711d ago
this post gave my PC cancer. Haha
TheMrFraz  +   711d ago
<3 PC people that are smarter than me.
Lighter9  +   711d ago
How about starting with GTA 1 and 2 first?
Reverent  +   711d ago
San Andreas would be better.
ninjagoat  +   711d ago
Another reason my its great to own a pc ;).
palaeomerus  +   711d ago
Yeah do Vice City or San Andreas instead.

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