DICE Promises ‘Battlefield 3′ Support After ‘Battlefield 4′ But What About Mods?

What does "providing an excellent Battlefield 3 experience" post-Battlefield 4 mean? Will be additional DLC? Unlikely. Does it mean there will be more updates? Potentially. Or does it mean they'll just keep servers active for a while? That's probably it.

What they could (read: should) do is open Battlefield 3 up to mod support around the time Battlefield 4 releases. By then all of the Battlefield 3 DLC (including End Game and Aftermath) will have released and sales for BF3 will have dried up. As pointed out in this weekend's Game Ranter Banter, previous games in the series included mod support and it helped Battlefield 1942 immensely. Even now, the user-made DayZ mod has boosted sales for the three-year-old ARMA 2 greatly, and the community can do great things with the Frostbite 2 engine if they could make their own maps, weapons and vehicles for BF3.

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DanSolo2298d ago

Battlefield - Day Z

Nuff said!

Feralkitsune2298d ago

More like Project Reality 2.

tigertron2298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

^ This

and dinosaurs.

chukamachine2298d ago

Why another BF so soon.

What is BF4 going to bring that is so different from 3.

If they were going to make a 4, they should have made a space fps type game with lots of modes.

You would get more people interested.

aliengmr2298d ago

I don't see that happening. If they have BF4 they want BF3 to die off. Mods extend the life of games. EA wants people to buy BF4, not be content with BF3.

Pieface082298d ago

I'm not ready for BF4 yet...

leogets2298d ago

u dont have to be ready yet dude. bf3 was released not much of a year ago really and truelly and bf4 to be out maths call that a 3 year gap. plenty time to get ya nut around a new bf title i say.dont know what all the fuss is about.frostbite 2 engine was in develpment not long after bf2 was released,i bet dice cant wait to show what the engine is now capable of now they have the old bf3 out the way.

AngelicIceDiamond2298d ago

I'm sure once BF4 ships, most of the players will make the transition, leaving the previous version for the newest one. Where more money is to be had, that's how it works usually. Sure, Dice will support BF3 for a little while longer, But once they see 9 to 10 million sales for BF4 on launch day. That'll probably all change.

Farsendor12298d ago (Edited 2298d ago )

well battlelog and origin killed the game for me i barely play it once a week.

i used to show it to my friends to say hey look this is an awesome game with graphics and gameplay.

now i don't care i would rather play red orchestra 2 and original cod.

battlelog just got old fast

SpecialK2298d ago

Same, I told everyone this was the game to get and not MW3, but seeing that BF4 is releasing so soon, especially after BF3 has become old faster than expected, Im loosing interest in the series.

many old fans will hate the news that a new BF game is coming so soon, its meant to have a few years breathing time as its meant to be a good series.

Many people, myself included would have preferred another bad company, a return to WW2, or another future styled game.

But that would mean making whole new models and textures instead of reusing the ones they spent making with frostbite 2 wouldnt it...

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The story is too old to be commented.