OnLive: Sony-Gaikai deal "validates" cloud gaming

UK general manager says acquistion is good for the industry, but that OnLive sale to Microsoft would "defeat the purpose" of cloud gaming.

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user54670071941d ago

BUT...if Sony bought OnLive instead of Gaikai then totally different story.

piroh1941d ago

of course Sony will use Gaikai for their platforms... if i bought some developer for 380 million USD, i would rather see them making exclusives for my platform, what would be the point of buyout if i let them making multiplatform games?

Onlive should be happy, now they have no competition in the world of open platforms

gaffyh1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

@piroh - I doubt they will do that. What's more likely is that PlayStation games on the service will only be accessible through certain Sony devices, but the rest of the catalog, such as multiplatform games will probably still be made available on every device.

The reason OnLive is worried is because the addition of Sony's back catalog of games differentiates their service, AND makes it better if both companies have equal rights over multiplatform games in the future. Sony's backing to Gaikai also gives them more weight from now on, and OnLive know that they have a tougher time ahead of them now.

DeadlyFire1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Don't worry OnLive still has competition looming. for details on that. They are launching a Cloud gaming service at some point. As they have stated in 2009 they plan to stream games with server side rendering, but they want their platform to have its own SDK and support a Next-generation graphical appearance that is nearly life like in all games. So its still a year or more out before a real release. Octane Render is very impressive. Could be a next-gen partner to one of the big consoles at some point.

Red_Orange_Juice1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

I hope SOny buying Gaikai means I will be able to play PC exclusives with m/k on Sony console using Gaikai
and if somehow they would make them have torphies = killer feature

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Abash1941d ago

Id be embarrassed if I was OnLive right now, saying a so bitter and jealousy fueled statement because Gaikai has more opportunities being able to be integrated with PlayStation platforms.

guitarded771941d ago

Well, it's probably a major blow to them and they know they will have a very, very hard time competing with Sony, and they are facing losing their business unless they get a contract with a major player.

DeadlyFire1941d ago

This most likely means OnLive will partner with Microsoft or Nintendo or maybe even Sony at some point. Never know. They have already partnered with Ouya

I don't think OnLive wants to be sold. It just wants to be everywhere. They don't like that Sony has overlooked them.

badz1491941d ago

Sony didn't overlooked them! but they cost too damn much! Even Gaikai wanted $500m at first but somehow Sony managed to reduce it to $380m.

OnLive has always wanted to be a big player themselves but Gaikai has always wanted to be bought by someone.

but what is this PURPOSE that he's talking about?

adorie1941d ago

if Sony does this right and focuses on this without losing focus of their other ventures and activities, it could be a force to be reckoned with when refering to the competition.

Gaikai has proven it can be useful and provide a good experience. I didn't think Sony would buy them but I suppose my guess early on was on the money.

I think I called this acquisition, but I don't feel like digging into my comments history to refresh my memory.

Time for lunch and Uncharted Golden Abyss, then back to the real life grind. :(

Ghost_of_Tsushima1941d ago

Who said OnLive would sell? Rumors don't count.

SilentNegotiator1941d ago

Who said they even got the chance to contemplate the idea? They probably never received an offer.

nukeitall1941d ago

I think the point of OnLive is pointless. The experience is terrible even with great internet connect (read fiber optics all the way to the wall inside house) and the compression screws up fast moving scenes.

Even movement feels laggy.

WeskerChildReborned1941d ago

Yep, Onlive wouldn't be talking if that happened.

Christopher1940d ago

There's nothing to say that Sony wouldn't put their service out on many platforms. They could still maintain exclusivity with their own platform (cloud or console) and storefront (PSN integration across all).

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1939d ago

he actually makes sense though. Why are console gamer so anti open platform? oh yeah brand loyalty.

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doctorstrange1941d ago

But... Sony could still make it available on everything.

HammadTheBeast1941d ago

They fail to realize that Sony also makes TV's, Smartphones, Tablets, and consoles as well.

You're right, they could make it available anywhere they want to.

darthv721941d ago

or non-sony products as well to increase market percentage. No doubt they would make $$ being exclusive to sony products but when you open the gates to virtually anything then there is potential to make even more $$$$.

krisq1941d ago

OnLive is clearly shitting their pants. Wait for Sony to put Gaikai in everything they sell.

adorie1941d ago

darkv72 has hit the nail right on the head.

BlmThug1941d ago

Onlive is inferior to Gaikai and also they are very jealous that Sony bought Gaikai and not OnLive

Ghost_of_Tsushima1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Sony said they would make Gaikai availiable across Sony devices not everything.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1939d ago

Ss if they will. Sony would want you to buy a netflix box to play netflix movies if they owned it.

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majiebeast1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

I think someone is sad Sony bypassed em for superior technology i tried both of them and Gaikai was by far the better choice in GFX,lag,framerate,loadtimes and ease.

paddystan1941d ago

I agreed, Gaikai was very user friendly, easy to use, less lagg and had better graphics. There were just too much shit to do so for get to use OnLive. I mean, registration, downloading and installing the software and going through tons of other menus before I could try a game. Also, the menu was lagging and there were advertisments everywhere.

Gaikai is way better than OnLive, especially here in Europe.

1941d ago
specialguest1941d ago

Onlive have games streaming nearly 60fps, but the graphics are so terrible. There's also that input lag. Gaikai runs at a lower framerate, but the graphics are surprisingly good. Easily giving it to Gaikai as the better service.

Megaton1941d ago

Don't get bitter because you weren't acquired, son.

ChunkyLover531941d ago

Sure they can, they've coexisted for years now. Nobodies really paid attention to either of them.

Nicaragua1941d ago

Dvd existed for years and nobody paid attention to it - then sony put it in the ps2.

Blu-ray existed for years and nobody paid attention to it then sony put it in the ps3.

Draw your own conclusions.

MySwordIsHeavenly1941d ago

Blu-ray existed for about six months before the PS3 came out. People knew that the PS3 would be the first affordable blu-ray player. People paid attention to blu-ray from the start, but were waiting for the PS3.

joeorc1941d ago

"Blu-ray existed for about six months before the PS3 came out."

try over 3 year's before the PS3 came out, and in consumer product form!

Sony Shows First Blu-Ray Recorder
Drive uses blue-laser technology to boost DVD storage to 27GB.
By Martyn Williams, IDG News

Mar 3, 2003 9:00 am

snake-OO1941d ago

when was the first commercial blu ray movie released because i can guarantee you that no blu ray movie came out in 2003.

hellvaguy1941d ago

"Blu-ray existed for about six months before the PS3 came out"

Yes for $500 bluray players existed before ps3 (with almost no movie selection). Not really surprising why they didnt sell well.

Lets give the full picture here folks before cutting and pasting fragmented "facts" to prove our points.

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