Gears of War gets its own line of building toys from Erector

XMNR: The Halo franchise already its MegaBlok building set toys and now a Gears of War line of building sets from Erector has been announced on Tuesday with screws and everything.

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The Meerkat2147d ago


Sounds like a He-man character, Ram-Man, Fisto and Erector!

Queasy2147d ago

You must be a young'un. ;) Erector Sets have been around in one form or another since 1913. They used to have steel beams, screws, motorized parts and other industrial type parts to build stuff.

The brand is now owned by Meccano though and just not quite the same.

MaxXAttaxX2147d ago

No one here is 99 years old.

Come on now, giggle with the rest of us.

Queasy2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

@NathanExplosion: My great uncle actually gave me an old school 1960s or 70s Erector Set when I was a kid (think early 80s). It was actually very cool to work with but it's no surprise the company had trouble competing with the likes of LEGO.

The Gears of War vehicles in these Erector sets look pretty good to be honest. It's too bad the figures look atrocious.

pompombrum2147d ago

Your uncle gave you an erector? hehehehe

I really need to grow up :(

Queasy2147d ago

@aiBreeze: I knew I was setting something like that up. :P But I couldn't figure out a way to phrase it without leaving that door open.

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pompombrum2147d ago

Please tell me I'm not the only person 20+ who actually saw the word "Erector" and giggled like a preteen?