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IzKyD13313825d ago

omg, im like drooling right now, i hope the clan system is gonna be good to

Kwijiboe3825d ago

There is much better footage out there on Check it out. The quality on this video is pretty bad, but it's exciting to see whatever I can get my eyes on pertaining to MGS4.

marinelife93825d ago

It looks like the the attraction is going to be in the features that are offered. The animations and graphics look average.

That's going to be a great deal MGS4 with MGO together in one package. I can't wait to pick it up. Where will I find the time?!

TheHater3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

Don't this game come with Metal Gear Solid 4? If it does, then sweet.

@everyone else

NO, I was going to get it either way.

mintaro3825d ago

im pretty sure they come together

HeartlesskizZ3825d ago

and if it wasn't will you miss out by not buying it?

Mr_Showtime13825d ago

looks great...from what you can see, wish that quality was better, but i have a lot of faith for that online game!

battery3825d ago

Would have been nice if it was a bit clearer .It looks like it's coming along nicely though

mesh13825d ago

looks very very very very average mgs4 and mgonline look so plain and boring guys i dont think ill be getting this game this year

gaffyh3825d ago

This guy could have easily embedded my video, so people don't have to leave N4G to view video.

IzKyD13313825d ago

you get the starter online game (i think you can upgrade it later)

HeartlesskizZ3825d ago

OMG Im so pump for this part of MGS4... I got great memories from original MGO on PS2 =D

spec_ops_comm3825d ago

Does anyone see a resemblance to SOCOM II in this beta footage?

The TPS camera moves very similary - the grenade mechanics look great too.

This is gonna be one hell of a game - I can't wait till summer '08! *intentional rhyme :D*