Final Fantasy III PSP boxart

Square Enix released the boxart for Final Fantasy III on PSP.

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Pokeneon71965d ago

Didn't know this even existed, might import this for the hell of it. (probably should play a english-version though first lol)

antiai1964d ago

It will have English text, comfimed on numerous sites. A definite import for me.

wastedcells1964d ago

Is this coming to psn in the US?? Would be perfect for my Vita. Come on square!! We need this and crisis core on psn!!

CanadianTurtle1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I still prefer the Yoshitaka Amano art only anyday, but it'd be silly for me to pass on a fantastic game just because of the box art. Now I have a very strong feeling that FF4 for the DS will re release onto the PSP. Which is fine by me because that game is so good, I'll be glad to buy it again.