1UP: Ninja Gaiden 2 Preview

1UP writes:

"Team Ninja's enigmatic mastermind Tomonobu Itagaki is a well known fan of Halo. But last week, when he went to the offices of Microsoft Game Studios in Seattle, it wasn't to convince his pals at Bungie to make Halo 4: Gravemind's Revenge. He was there to show off an early version of Ninja Gaiden 2, which Microsoft will publish for Xbox 360 later this year. And while mum about whether the game will feature a second playable character (rumored to be a woman who isn't Rachel), support downloadable content like the last Ninja Gaiden or have battles set in a certain city known for large fruit, he did go into more detail about other aspects of the game that he hadn't before."

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BloodySinner3701d ago

I cannot wait for this title.

Double-Edged3701d ago

doesnt matter what anybody says.

This game is straight up GOODNESS!!!

mintaro3701d ago

truer words have never been spoken

Strife Lives3701d ago

Bt..DMC is definitly better. nt sure sure about the graphics..dnt thnk it uses the muscle of the 360 so much. Maybe,if it was an early 07 title,I would say its in 08.. Nt for me.wel,maybe I nd more vids to convince me

poopface13701d ago

lol that is the funniest thing ive ever heard. I played all dmc games only owned 3 and it was corny, but still a decent game. NG1 was way better than all DMC games combined, and this one will blow DMC4 away. I played DMC4 demo, its just like dmc3 wit h a claw thing.

poopface13701d ago

heavenly sword, shinobi, DMC, god of war, sword of the beserk guts rage and even dynasty warriors 10. also better than halo and gears of war. best game ever if its better than NG1. Ill buy this as soon as possible and play it all day.

Mr Marbles3701d ago

Im not sure this game can be compared to Halo or GOW, but it is certainly superior to those other games you listed.

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