Loot Ninja's Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice Review

Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice is the follow up the hit 2006 PSP title that puts you in control of an elite band of cops trying to take back Capital City. It's a fast paced vehicle based shoot-em-up that's set to provide great pick-up-and-play portable gaming. The original was great, but did have its flaws. Does the sequal fix those issues? Here is a breakdown of some of the facets of Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice for the PSP.

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fiercescuba3678d ago

good review here. this is definitely a good game for commuting on a train. easy to pick up and play.

drunkpandas3678d ago

Yeah pick up and quick play are key features for portable gaming. Pursuit Force has both and is fun to boot

drunkpandas3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Duplicate comment