N4G Site Update

As you have probably noticed we have made some changes to the site today. For the last 6 months we have been working on building the new N4G site, as well as a few other surprises which will be revealed in the near future. This is the first of many site updates to come, and here is some info about the new site features that went live today.

New Design and Layout
We have tried to improved the site navigation and design without changing the site too much. We felt the basic concept of the old design worked well, so we have done our best to improve on what we already had instead of making a completely new design. We are not 100% done with the design so further improvements will be made in the near future.

Improved Site Performance
We have spent a lot of time optimizing the site script and database. The site should now load much faster resulting in a better user experience. Some of these changes have already been in effect for a few weeks.

Game Profiles
We have improved the profile pages for the games to make it easier to find the info you are looking for.

Meta Reviews
We have added a Meta review section (MR) , which collects data from all the reviews submitted to N4G. This will be a handy tool when looking for game reviews. We will soon add the option to bypass the news system so older reviews can be added.

User Reviews
The much requested User Review (UR) option is finally ready. Last week we invited some of our forum members to test it out, so click here to check how the user reviews look. All reviews must be approved before they go live on the site.

My N4G Favorites
This is a small but very handy feature. You can now keep a record of your favorite N4G news stories. Click the Save link at the bottom of a news story to add it to your Favorites Channel. The Favorite Channel can be found in the More tab on site section menu bar.

Comment Section
The comment section is now divided into two zones. The Open Zone is the old comment section. This section is only lightly moderated and here you can argue freely as much you want about which console is better. Let's face it, the console war is not going to end anytime soon, and a lot of people enjoy the heated debate.

The Gamer Zone is a new and moderated comments section run by our forum mod team. To begin with all members will have access to the Gamer Zone. Members who are unable to behave in a mature and respectful manner will be temporarily or permanently restricted from posting in the Gamer Zone. Using words such as Xbot or Sony Droid is not welcome here so leave your fanboyism at the door please :)

Now the neat part is that you can decide yourself which section you want to show up as your default. If you want to you can even have the comment numbers on the front page only reflect your default comment zone. Click on the Comment Settings link to adjust your settings.

These are the main new features included in this update, but we have lots of more stuff coming soon. Upcoming site features includes the ability to filter out tech news and rumors from the front page, improved social tools to interact with other N4G members, and much more. We are also soon launching the N4G Network which will include many new and original game sites developed by the N4G team.

We welcome your thoughts and feedback.


Note: There are most likely a few bugs so please report all problems in our forum or through our feedback form.

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Dudeson423736d ago

Love the new format guys, well done!!!

Kulupoo3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

the interface look amazing!
keep up the good work =D

now where can I find the podcast? lol

coltsfreak183736d ago

i love the white shades everywhere. i also agree with the podcast thing you said. N4g is looking good

lawman11083736d ago

NEVER have I seen such a one side site, ANYTHING neg stated against the PS3 and you get a ban on posts. Pile on the 360 all you want and NOTHING gets done, not that I believe they should ban anyone even douches like shemee, Heyheyhey and the rest of the ilk.

Mighty Boom3736d ago

Dusty is a PS3 fanboy for sure...

Sashy3736d ago

I have been member here a long time, and I really like this update :D Really really mutch :)

Frances-the-Mute3736d ago

yeah, Im impressed, i was waiting till when they were going to update the site, looks hawt!


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power0919993736d ago

Thanks all who are involved!

stunt2133736d ago

10x better than the old version

stunt2133736d ago

10x better than the old version

kevoncox3736d ago

All the fanboys are in a different zone...This site is teh doomed.

gaffyh3736d ago

The new site looks great, although as always no attention goes to the (still) old and crappy forums.

sloth4urluv3736d ago

No more spam bots or 10yo.

dantesparda3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

Come on, why do you say that, like your not a big time hardcore 360 fan? you're a big PS3 hater!

As for the new look and way, Im an old dog, so i like what i get used to. So new isnt always better to me. I dont like how its separated into 2 post sections now. But i do like how the site feels faster now.

madmike3735d ago

thank you thank you thank you now back to talking about games without the hate

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