7 underrated PS3 shooters that deserved to sell more

Not everything that scores well sells, and not all the big names are the best games. Check out these shooters that deserved to do much better than they really did. If you’ve played any, then kudos to you. If not, consider checking some of them out.

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Yi-Long2061d ago

.... Where's Vanquish!?

NastyLeftHook02061d ago

vanquish is one of the most underrated games in existence.

Oh_Yeah2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

vanquish > gears of question in terms of the gameplay and smoothness. its just downright fun and inovative for a shooter. just wish it had a longer campaign with multiplayer. hope they make a sequel. seriously after i beat it i was unable to finish gears 3, i was like wheres my jet pack on my feet? wheres my slow mo bullet times? wheres my upgrades? etc. it was just boring compared to vanquish

also same goes for starhawk with its vehicle battle, tower defense and what not, one of the best multiplayer shooters out there

SilentNegotiator2061d ago

In the bargain bins with the other 4-hour long campaign your first time around, no multiplayer, defective energy meter handling, broken boss battling, unimpressive AI games.

Tibasco2061d ago

Where's Starhawk? Very fun and unique game. Nice, solid online as well.

BanditGamer2061d ago

Why is this tagged for X360?

_Aarix_2061d ago

Well it gets pretty underrated when its not on a console you own :p

darthv722061d ago

pretty much the others are available on 360 as well as PC.

killerhog2061d ago

Gotham city impostors was good but turned Into a giant turd receiving very little attention from monolith (lag, imbalancement, frame drops, poor hit detection). Resistance 3 is way to cod like and less resistance like. I would put kz3 in that list, but then kz3 is also a giant turd with cheaters (mostly lagging pu**ies) ruining it. That's why those games sold little, because too much was changed or received little support from devs.

TekoIie2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

Lol what?

The only thing resistance has that really resembles COD is killstreaks. Its a really good game and something about it is incredibly fun. Genuinely dont know what it is about gameplay which makes multiplayer so fun! Just seems like people might have lost interest in the game.

why KZ3 sold low has a varying amount of reasons. I liked KZ2 and 3 and would personally say KZ2 is better (multiplayer, KZ3 really improved in the SP). Unfotunatly someone over at GG decided to remove some of the best features of KZ2 like the ability to merge classes. But still a really good game!

But your reasoning is a load of crap for why these games sold low. People buy games because they like what they see or they know what the franchise is about.

ABizzel12061d ago

I agree with everything on this list and as "Yi-Long" said Vanquish should be on this list as well. All of those games are good games, and if you're a shooter fan you won't be disappointed with any of them.

One a side note Bulletstorm sold poorly, because it should have been a Xbox360 exclusive to begin with. If you had a PS3 and a 360 there was no point in getting the game for the PS3 when the 360 version came with the Gears of War Beta. They set themselves up for failure with that move, but as I said all of these are good games, and if you enjoy shooters you should pick them up.

BigStef712061d ago

Also KZ3 came out the same week so it was screwed regardless of its main platform lol. But seriously bulletstorm was pretty fun and its kinda a shame that it didn't sell that well on either system cuz I really wanted a sequel

ABizzel12061d ago

I forgot about that, Bulletstorm was doomed from the start.

ABizzel12061d ago

They need to do a re-release of these games bundled together in sets of 2 for $40, 2 for $30, or better yet 3 for $30. It'll give people another chance to get into these games at a reduce price, and bring in sales that they currently aren't getting.

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