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Submitted by redblack 1286d ago | news

3DS LL SOLD 193k, NMB2 431k in 2 days

Enterbrain has announced 3DS LL breaking sales of portable game consoles was released on July 28, 2012 from Nintendo, Nintendo. First week of the estimated domestic sales of 193,441 units Nintendo 3DS LL. Aggregate period of two days - July 29 July 28, 2012.

In addition, the number of estimated first week sales of soft "New Super Mario Bros. 2" for Nintendo 3DS was released on the same day, this has become 430,185. (Total period of two days - July 29 July 28, 2012) (3DS)

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DiRtY   1286d ago | Trolling | show
kingofe3  +   1286d ago
That's 1/4 of the entire Vita hardware sales LTD... in two days.

Sony needs to do something...
live2play  +   1286d ago
the vita will be alright
the games just need to come in and it will start selling

if they make them, they will come

its not a matter of
IF vita will sell big numbers
but a matter of WHEN

eventually a price cut on the system and memory cards will happen and games will be made

(secretly hopes vita and 3ds do great so app store gamers can es tee eff yoo)
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kingofe3  +   1286d ago
That's what I'm talking about. The next big release in Japan is Hatsune Miku, which releases August 31st. After that, you have very little niche titles and Soul Sacrifice (which I don't know how it'll do). Hopefully the next Vita Game Heaven and TGS will bring something.
bothebo  +   1286d ago
The 3DS is winning the battle but who do you think is going to win the war? Do you really think the 3DS is going to have a long life cycle?
Venox2008  +   1286d ago
well, DS had long cycle, so why wouldn't 3ds? :)
StraightPath  +   1286d ago
Damn thats needs to act fast. Vita sinking boat.
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joeorc  +   1286d ago
And Sony is doing Somthing
Sony is not really worried about the PSVita sales right now for such a new product and has done strives to expand their reach in the handheld market more than even Nintendo Has!

if people have not been paying attention the smartphone market is where handheld gaming sell the most handset's and the most software. Having a dedicated handheld is also another way to add market share, but is not the only way.

While the Nintendo fans that keep and still want to take a swipe at sony about how much the Nintendo machines keep out selling the PSVita , Sony is going about it's way expanding the Mobile playstation platform in to a blue Ocean strategy.


even Nintendo is not getting sales of this level with the DS+3DS per 3 months Sony is!

The company sold 7 million Xperia smartphones during the first quarter up from 6 million in Q4 2011.

Sony Mobile is forecasting that it will ship 33.3 million Xperia smartphones in the year to March 2013, a 48% increase over the prior fiscal year where it sold 22.5 million smartphones. This would imply 8.3m phones per quarter, a number that should be achievable given the 7m run rate from calendar Q1 2012.

If you do not get it now you never will the change has happened the Mobile game market is not just Sony and Nintendo anymore.

Even with Nintendo's great sales in the number of dedicated Game Handhelds and Fantastic software sales for those dedicated hand helds, they still pale quite a bit in sales of not just Handheld sales but Handheld software sales also in today's Mobile handset market. Unlike Nintendo, Sony is aggressive in its Move to include that Market to expand it's playstation Platform.

Remember the Whole idea of the Wii was a blue ocean strategy, Well Sony is employing that same strategy in the mobile market, any way they may not be first or 2nd hell they may not even be in the top 5.

But if selling 16+ million 3DS's per year is counted as great success on here to many gamer's idea what is the best selling Hand held system in existence.

What does selling 33+ million handset's a year count as?


I already expected i was going to get disagree's, so hooray! for you.

of course i get a disagree: the same way people disagreed with the strategy and great success that Nintendo has had with the Wii, but you may say there is no way Sony can dethrone Nintendo in the Mobile arena. well that may be true or Maybe just maybe Sony may be able to increase it's market share more than you may think. we will see how it come out. Never say Never!
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Tundra  +   1286d ago
What does the quarterly result for Xperia smartphones have to do with Nintendo's dedicated handheld gaming system?
joeorc  +   1286d ago
and what exactly does these responses expect to illicit?
the first post that bring's the issue up:


and i quote:

"Another nail in the coffin of the PS Vita."



That's 1/4 of the entire Vita hardware sales LTD... in two days.

Sony needs to do something...

well if your going to Question about the viability or exactly what a company is going to do about another companies product performance in this market. and your making it an issue of opinion, than you may get a response by someone else, with their Opinion on what Sony is doing about it.

I did not bring up the issue, they did!
just because my response was something some gamer's did not like does not mean my opinion is not as viable as someone else's opinion on said subject.
DarkHeroZX  +   1286d ago
Well the Xperia phones are one of those PS certified phones and it can already play a lot of full fledge games. The thing is its pretty much in direct competetion with the Vita and the 3DS.
spacedoodie   1286d ago | Spam
bothebo   1286d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
eagle21  +   1286d ago
Awesome sales, like a re-launch in terms of units. :)
kingxtreme81  +   1286d ago
N/M. My post was pretty much off topic, so I deleted it.
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neutralgamer19  +   1286d ago
Those systems feel so cheap. Im glad i have my vita. Its like the Ferrari of the handheld industry and even though mommy wont buy it for their kids its a great investment for adults that can afford it.

On a side note Nintendo still gets my money because i buy DS xl and other Nintendo products for my 6 year old. I just get mad when he comes over and tries to take over my ps3 and vita lol
Pokeneon7  +   1286d ago
I have the PS Vita and the 3DS. Vita loses by a long-shot, and I feel like it was a waste of my money. Why? It's because of the games. If the Vita had some better games, it wouldn't have 5 pounds of dust on it right now.

Personally, I think the Vita is a great system. It isn't getting the support it needs though. There isn't a need to say such bullshit like you have above. I try to appreciate all game consoles, but somethings make me dislike one more then another. Just gonna wait out for the Kingdom Hearts title for the PS Vita.... :/

But, I might of went off-topic. My point was: Don't just go 'OH THIS SUCKS BECAUSE IT'S FOR KIDS'. You might be the 6 year old your talking about. :P
DarkHeroZX  +   1286d ago
To be honest I use my Vita more then my 3ds. lets face it, out of 90 percent of Nintendo's first party games I only play zelda, Any game with Super Mario bros and starfox,and pokemon. Everything else is down right shit in my opinion. I already have the better looking Super Street fighter 4 which actual takes skill to play. I have DOA 4 which doesn't have a cheat sheet on the second screen. MGSHD collection has MGS3, seriously anyone who buys that game for DS is nuts cause you can spend 5 bucks more and get 1 and 2 with trophies and achievements. Kid Icraus wasn't really my cup of tea at all, it was good but I traded that game in after I beat it to get Rayman Origin in Vita. And any game that comes out for both vita and 3ds is an automatic buy for vita just because of the added cross game chat, in-game music, and trophies. But to say one is better then the other isn't really saying much. The vita has a pretty decent back order of games it all comes down to personal interest.If a KH game ever game out for Vita I wouldn't care, i don't like KH, I ain't getting it on 3ds so it'd be a no buy on Vita.
neutralgamer19  +   1286d ago
lol yeah im sure you feel like the vita loses by a long shot lol I know ppl who have traded n their 3ds to buy a vita and never looked back. But hey that's all a matter of taste. Im an adult and like adult games. Imo Uncharted vita, Unit 13 and the mp aspect of resistance on vita are better than anything 3ds has to offer. But thats just me. And its a fact that Nintendo systems are geared more towards kids if you believe otherwise your ignorant.

Secondly it amazes me how little kids on here get worked up about a persons opinion about a system. lol its an inanimate object that plays games it isnt that serious. Like i said Ds's all feel so cheap and i stand by my comment. I also prefer Sony products for many reasons that have to do with quality and the types of games. If another person cant stomach that their idiots and immature.

A little suggestion. Dont take ppls comments on here to heart. Some people will agree with you and share the same tastes and others wont. Thats life.
Pokeneon7  +   1286d ago
I really don't like when people make up my own decisions. Makes me feel like they're mad. (over something silly in this case lol) Uncharted isn't my thing, and Unit 13 doesn't honestly look all that good. I'd rather play something creative, rather then some 30 shooters.

Your just counterdicting yourself now, and it's hilarious to read. xD

"Dont take ppls comments on here to heart." You mean the internet, right?
DarkHeroZX  +   1286d ago
Seriously what creative games does 3ds have? We've already seen every last one of those games on it in some fashion before lol. Gravity rush on vita, now that's creative. A whole new IP with an all new way to play. Zelda OOT 3DS, port of an n64 game, Starfox 64 port, SSF4, port, MGS3DS port, Mario 3D land is a pretty good remake of the original but its far from new and creative, thats like sonic 1 being remade with new visuals and giving sonic spin dash lol. Kid Icraus is ultimately a shooter, RE already seen that. Seriously the list goes on and on. 3DS brings about as much to the table as any other gaming system. Just admit you prefer nintendo stuff and you don't even have a Vita.
StanSmith  +   1286d ago

If Pokeneon has to admit he doesn't own a Vita then you need to admit that you don't even own a 3DS. You've done nothing but crap on the 3DS while try to praise every little thing the Vita has.

You've tried to make out that 3DS has nothing creative, yet write off the likes of Mario 3D Land as a remake when it is the only game i've played where the 3D actually affects gameplay. That and your listing of ports was your big giveaway. (especially considering Rayman, MGSHD, Playstation Allstars, Need for Speed and Lego Batman amongst others are ports on Vita too)

I actually own both Vita and 3DS. Both are great in that they provide different experiences. Uncharted, Gravity Rush and Resistance are all fantastic games just as Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart and Resident Evil are. Both have great hardware. Both have great software. End of. There is no need to crap on one because you own it's market rival. That's for Nintendo and Sony to worry about, not you.
Hisiru  +   1286d ago
"Mario 3D land is a pretty good remake of the original but its far from new and creative"

This is a VERY stupid sentence and you probably never played the game. It's not a remake, it's a brand new Mario game. Remake of the original? What are you even talking about? lol Are you drunk?

All I can say is:
-Super Mario 3D Land (brand NEW game in a beloved franchise)

-Resident Evil: Revelations (brand NEW game in a beloved franchise)

-Kid Icarus: Uprising (Just a shooter? Go see some reviews, or maybe you should try the game)

-New Super Mario Bros. 2 (brand NEW game in a beloved franchise)

-Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (brand NEW game in a beloved franchise)

-Mario Kart 7 (brand NEW game in a beloved franchise)

-Castlevania: Mirror of Fate (brand NEW game in a beloved franchise)

-Fire Emblem: Awakening (brand NEW game in a beloved franchise)

Soon the 3DS will have games like:
-Monster Hunter 4
-Luigi's Mansion 2
-Professor Layton (in the West)
-Shin Megami Tensei IV (not a remake/port of an old game like Persona 4)
-Etrian Odyssey 4
-Rune Factory 4
-Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney
-Bravely Default: Flying Fairy
-Epic Mickey: The Power of Illusion
-A brand new Paper Mario game
-A brand new Animal Crossing game
And many more.

Both (3DS and Vita) are great handhelds, but you will be very stupid if you say that Mario 3D Land isn't creative/new/original just because it's a Mario game (3D effects are really important for the gameplay in this game), and you will be very stupid if you say the 3DS lineup isn't good.

"3DS brings about as much to the table as any other gaming system"
Yeah, because Vita will have:
-3D effects without glasses
-Dual Screen (which is good for some games)
-Monster Hunter 4
-Resident Evil Revelations
-Kingdom Hearts 3D
and many other third party titles coming to the 3DS.

Huh... I know you love your vita, I love my vita too, but I won't defend the system saying it's bringing as many software as the 3DS, I am not a blind kid and Sony isn't paying me, is Sony paying you to lie in N4G or does it make you feel better to say the 3DS lineup isn't better than vita lineup? Does it hurt you to admit the 3DS has more compelling software? lol No need to act as a fanboy. Sometimes you need to face the truth and act like a man in a discussion without biased arguments. Grow up man.

I have both and I enjoy both but:
Hardware: Vita is a faaar better piece of hardware (even if 3DS has 3D) and it has a much better interface and design.
Software: 3DS has much more support (with third party exclusives like Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil Revelations, Castlevania, Professor Layton, Monster Hunter, Dragon Quest and some others). This thing also has a very good first party support (with games like Mario 3D Land, Kid Icarus, Mario Kart, Fire Emblem etc). 97% of third party vita games are just multiplatforms (games you can have on your HD console)/ports/remakes etc, but hey, it has a good first party line up (Little Big Planet, Uncharted, Wipeout etc).
#7.1.3 (Edited 1286d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(2) | Report
neutralgamer19  +   1286d ago
Bwahhhhhhhh wow your a smart one. You got me good (chuckles).
mshope10  +   1286d ago
vita fans this has nothing to do with you nothing!grow up and stop reading Nintendo stuff.
Rainstorm81  +   1286d ago
Didnt the Ninty fans bring up the Vita in the first place??

Now since you own a piece of hardware you cant read gaming news??

Such a sad delusional world we live in....
mamotte  +   1286d ago
Nintendo is so doomed...

-end sarcasm-
mshope10  +   1286d ago
look at how many vita fans made comments on this go to stories that are only about vita and see how many 3ds fans make comments.the difference is huge.

that's my point Sony fans are all over Nintendo's like your so made 3ds is crushing vita in sales yinz can't wait to cry about 3ds or say how great vita is.

get over it.3ds is a great system with great games and alot of people like it.that doesn't make vita a good or bad system.

so just because vita is a great system with good games that doesn't make 3ds good or bad.

buy yinz are so blinded from 3ds crushing vita in sales yinz talk trash and most of the time its bullshit points that make yinz look like jealous crybabies.

and most of the time 3ds fans are just defending 3ds from unfair bullshit yinz say.

everything I said was the truth now watch the bullshit they come up with.lets go for 30 disagrees this time maybe it will make 3ds sell less lol.
ozstar  +   1286d ago
And I assume NMB2 sales are only for boxed retail?

Or does that included code sales instore?

Or online store sales?

Or EShop sales?
TheDivine  +   1285d ago
Too excited for the new kingdom hearts to jump in this 3ds/vita showdown. Gotta get to gamestop asap.

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