WWE '13 Won't Be Released On The Wii U

THQ has confirmed that WWE '13 won't be released for the Nintendo Wii U console.

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waltyftm2177d ago

Lucky for them, series has gone downhill since SvR 08.

Bathyj2177d ago

Regardless, its not a good sign that multiplat games aren't coming to Wii U.

Seems it might be destined to only truly shine when something is created specifically for it, but that seems to be the way Nintendo likes it.

kingofe32177d ago

What? This is THQ, they've been having finical problems so they won't make another version of the game. That's all. We are still getting Darksiders 2 from them, so it's not a big deal or a sign of anything.

DeadlyFire2177d ago

No your looking at it wrong Bathyj. If the game is coming to the Wii they do support the WiiU. They just can't upgrade this year as the game is already 90% done. So next game has a chance of being on the WiiU they can't spend money to slap it together half-ass. This is a good thing that they actually care about not slapping it together for once.

This is the same for Nascar the Game: Inside line and many other titles that now support the Wii in 2012.

Bathyj2177d ago

Fair point Deadlyfire.

They shouldnt put it on Wii U just for the sake of having it.

Games need to be up to scratch to show me why I should want one. I just hope Wii U doesnt go in the direction I fear.

KMCROC542177d ago

release it on the 3DSXL

StraightedgeSES2177d ago

They always do that when new consoles release.

CaptainN2176d ago

This is a major fail on THQ's part. Nintendo is trying to get the core audience to start gaming on Wii-U. There are many wrestling fans that would be interested in the game on a new platform. And THQ is in need of some serious cash lately. Why limit your fanbase, and why not help grow a new fanbase on a new platform. Its stunts like this that stop people from buying third party games on Nintendo platforms. And yet the decided it was worth investing in a Wii version. At least port the damn game,THQ stop being lazy.