Microsoft ready for Wii "graduates"

Microsoft hopes that gamers who want to "graduate" from the experiences offered by Wii will look to buy an Xbox 360 as their second current-gen console, according to MS exec Jeff Bell.

Bell speaks positively of Wii's mass-market achievement, saying that he's "thankful that the Wii has been able to open up a lot of people's minds that gaming is fun for everyone."

But Bell admits that the hope is 360 will benefit from this extended gaming appeal, by position 360 as the ideal second console. "We're positioning ourselves to be ready if, in fact, gamers find they're ready to graduate from a certain experience potentially with the Wii, either because it's limited on the type of gameplay that's available or the technology in that box."

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Joey Gladstone3677d ago

PS3 = NEXTgen Console .....Simply the Truth.....its Future Proof
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

eddierivera3677d ago

I got a feeling that Wii owners dont wanna pay for online. I dont know, but I thinking that they would probably buy the ps3 now cause its cheaper, and its a good year to buy a ps3. I looked at gamespot new release list and I didnt see any good games out for the xbox that wouldnt be on the ps3. I got both systems and I think both has its perks. I think the ps3 with a price cut will be the victor on this subject. Its actually cheaper than the xbox now.

TheSadTruth3677d ago

Are you trying to get banned? I don't know the new policy exactly but why don't you leave the Xbox 360 smearing in the open zone or keep it confined to PS3 articles.

InYourMom3677d ago

Why don't you stick to the topic at hand vs trying to make this a 360 vs PS3 discussion. Take yourself to the short bus (Open Zone).

superman3677d ago

The wii is limited on gameplay..... wow.... i didnt know that. I guess you can play the xbox 360 in different ways right .

Monteblanco3677d ago

Considering that I originally planned to buy a PS3 or a 360 but then choose to buy a Wii, I think they are too optimistic. Curiously, some of my friends who never had any interest in videogames brought a Wii after playing with it at my place. They -- and that includes some women -- think the Wii is cool, whereas the 360 and PS3 are just the old boring gaming machines for young males with plenty of time to kill. I don't believe many casual players will move to their band. The 360 is not the kind of machine that will add anything to their gaming experience.

permutated3677d ago

Yes but you're forgetting one important thing:

Most gamers who buy a Wii are casual gamers, or even parents, that just want something clean and safe for their children.

I don't think that 'graduation' is the right term, I think it's more 'migration' that he's speaking of, when they run out of titles on the Wii they'll upgrade to a 360.

Nothing wrong with that, and the Wii offers some really fun games.

wiizy3677d ago

lol. is that a joke.. wii owners want nothing to do with x360 nor ps3.. its always funny with microsoft and sony. ..since they are losing they are always hoping for a miracle

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The story is too old to be commented.