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Chris Faylor of Shacknews writes: It started off rather simply, with a severed arm and blood squirting everywhere. Lead character Ryu, under the control of Team Ninja head Tomonobu Itagaki, chopped off both of an enemy's legs and, in one smooth motion, decapitated him before he had time to fall over. After the battle, Ryu flicked his sword to clear it of the excess blood. s the demonstration continued, he showed off a number of tools at Ryu's disposal--a bow and arrow used to pick off jumping enemies, a giant scythe that seems to severe a limb with every swing, a set of Wolverine-esque claws and accompanying bladed boots--but none that packed the same eye-opening oomph as that fiery explosion.

Just like that, the demonstration ended. The renowned game designer, who is known to be notoriously difficult with the gaming press, paused for a moment. He removed his trademark sunglasses and rubbed his eyes. Then he threatened to cut me in half for asking if enemies could be sliced in half and still crawl around.

A sample of the interview:

Shack: I just saw a one-armed enemy hop on top of Ryu and attempt to drive a sword through his neck. How much damage can those guys take?

Tomonobu Itagaki: They can basically keep fighting until they are completely in pieces. A one-armed enemy will still fight.

Shack: Does that mean you can cut an enemy in half and they'll still crawl around?

Tomonobu Itagaki: You wanna try? We can probably find a sword somewhere [laughter]. We have to be realistic to a certain extent.

Shack: Are you planning any sort of downloadable content?

Tomonobu Itagaki: Yeah, we're definitely thinking about downloadable content. In the past, when I've said I've been thinking about something, there have been times when I haven't followed through. This time, you can rest assured that I'll follow through.

It'll be something that'll make you say, "Whoa."

Shack: Have you had the chance to play any of the recent action games, such as Heavenly Sword, No More Heroes, or Devil May Cry 4?

Tomonobu Itagaki: I played the demo for Heavenly Sword and I thought that one thing is did well was showing the weight of the weapon and how the main character swung that heavy weapon with her relatively light frame. You felt the fragility of the main character, I thought it was good animation.

However, I think the overall sum of the game design parts left a little to be desired, so I'll be looking forward to a sequel in that franchise. I haven't played No More Heroes. DMC4 will be out soon, so I'll be sure to play that as well.

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Yi-Long3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Ninja Gaiden Black was brilliant, and I have faith this will be even better :)

3 points:
1: I would love it if you could also have UNARMED combat in the game.

2: This game MUST be released uncensored! That's my biggest worry.

3: The DLC. I'm always very worried when developers are already bragging about how good the DLC will be, before the game is even out yet. It seems like they will leave cool stuff out on purpose, just so they can make some extra bucks on the DLC. Not a method I like, approve, or wanna take part in. If this is another DLC scam, I might as well rather pass on it, and buy it 1 year later when it's 20-30 bucks or something.

Doctor Strange3766d ago

I don't think this will be censored, I read the IGN preview earlier and they said they are following the rules so everything should be good to go.

Unarmed combat would very cool but how is going to tear of limbs unless he's the the Hulk or Kratos.

power of Green 3766d ago

Don't think it would work in this game.

These charactors are trying to kill eachother fast.

MK_Red3766d ago

With or without unarmed, this game is gonna be kickass. Can't wait.
"This game MUST be released uncensored! That's my biggest worry." Same here.

SoulReaper3766d ago

The only game I am looking forward on the 360..Unless Alan Wake prove me wrong..

Cyrus3653766d ago

This game looks impressive, crazy gory, but will appeal right to all the 360 fans, and it's mature/hardcore crowd, I don't think it'll get censored either.

Monty_The_Great3766d ago

That I own a 360 is this game. Easily top 3 in favorites of all time. Can't wait.

replikka3766d ago

ninja gaiden for the original xbox. ill be waiting patiently for this game

BLUR1113766d ago

yes it will be werth the wait indeed

BloodySinner3766d ago

I own Gaiden and Gaiden Black. If I had a PS3, Sigma would be a part of my collection. Ninja Gaiden is too awesome. I look foward to the sequel.

BloodySinner3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

I own Gaiden and Gaiden Black. If I had a PS3, Sigma would be a part of my collection. Ninja Gaiden is too awesome. I look foward to the sequel.

EDIT: Sorry for the double post.

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