Nintendo needs to filter their videos better

Nintendo, if you're reading this...please look over the videos before stamping them safe for kids of all ages. Adding a rating summary would be helpful as well.

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sinncross1638d ago

Considering the site, it is understandable why the author feels the way she does.

Mocat1638d ago

Glad to see some parents still care about what their kids are listening,watching and playing.

inStereo1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

"Zamarat" is gorgeous - there is no reason why an 8 year old should not be exposed to this sort of artistry.

r211637d ago

'This video has a hairless green woman wearing a metal bikini with nipple covers and a metal G-string.'

thats pretty freaky for an 8 year old O_O

inStereo1637d ago

Yeah, as you can see from this still, it's practically a porno.

joab7771637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I agree with everything she says though I am sure it is shocking to many that a parent would still care about what their child sees. But, is it me or is it weird that she wrote "spawned" 3 children. It's probably me but comes off as a little weird for a Christian woman.