Trailer Promoting 4 Upcoming PS3 HD Remasters

The official YouTube channel for the PlayStation brand began streaming a video previewing four titles for the PlayStation 3 console that feature high-definition versions of older titles. The 235-second video shows footage from Yakuza 1&2 HD Edition, Zone of the Enders HD Edition, Okami HD, and Ratchet & Clank 1+2+3 Ginga☆Saikyou Gorgeous Pack (Galaxy's Strongest Gorgeous Pack).

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TheMasterShake1820d ago

i wonder why they just don't include these HD remaster games in the ps2 classics section of psn.

guitarded771819d ago

Probably because PS2 Classics are just straight ports and the HD remasters have visual improvements, some controller changes, trophies and some UI changes and they don't want any confusion.

ElasticLove1819d ago

I'll buy each in everyone of those collections eventually, all of them are such great games.

1819d ago
hardcorehippiez1819d ago

i want the getaway and im sure im not alone . cmon sony make it happen.

GuruStarr781819d ago

Cool, that's my psn avatar...

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